Democrats in the media are freakin’ NUTS!

Lizzo brings Stacey Abrams on stage and that’s OK but when Luke Bryan has Ron DeSantis on stage, the liberal left lose their ever-loving minds. Dear Lord, three things I pray… to love you more dearly, to follow you more nearly, and for Democrats to stop being idiots. The same left wing nut jobs whoContinue reading “Democrats in the media are freakin’ NUTS!”

Alec Baldwin, the Democrats best friend or a liar? 

Alec Baldwin’s life (and possibly his career) will never be the same after that tragic death of a crew member on set of a film in which he was star and producer. Alec was holding a prop gun that fired and killed the cinematographer. Although the FBI has concluded that the trigger was pulled, AlecContinue reading “Alec Baldwin, the Democrats best friend or a liar? “

Do people actually believe in science?

The short answer to this question is… yes and no. Of course, asking this question SHOULD have a black and white answer. Either a person believes science is real, or not. I don’t really think there’s a halfway thing with this. It’s like math. Either you agree that 2 and 2 make 4, or youContinue reading “Do people actually believe in science?”

Funny photos from 2021

Here is a small collection of photos I’ve taken this year that might be a little mind-boggling, but hopefully at the very least they’re worth a chuckle. Have a great week! Whatever this person offers, it better be special and I WANT IT. The following two pictures… exactly how does “take this cash that aContinue reading “Funny photos from 2021”

In Fraud We Trust

I recently read in the Bible from 1 Peter where it says, “Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the Emperor.” When I read this I felt a bit convicted about the way I have been thinking of Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States. In America, he is our President (Emperor).Continue reading “In Fraud We Trust”