Is this radical idea enough to save America from its politics?

I think I have a solution to the tense political climate in the US. Only because my faith is small that everyone would give God a chance, which would be the ultimate solution, I have this idea that would surely calm things down. I don’t think it has ever been tried before, but at theContinue reading “Is this radical idea enough to save America from its politics?”

Amen and awoman ….my nit-picky thoughts

The U.S. might have lowered rock bottom because I thought we already there… until this. Aside from the lunacy of changing a word that has nothing to do with masculine or feminine forms, I have another gripe with what this guy said. Am I being nit-picky that what annoys me more is his use ofContinue reading “Amen and awoman ….my nit-picky thoughts”

Contrary to popular belief, no politician can ever save us

I was working on a different post (my favorite U2 songs) and started writing about “Where the Streets Have No Name.” As I wrote, and then watched U2’s Super Bowl halftime performance I was flooded with thoughts. I’m trying to write them down now but mostly I can’t shake the thought that no politician, noContinue reading “Contrary to popular belief, no politician can ever save us”

3 different ways to use your stimulus money

Among all the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting bank accounts all across the country in the form of stimulus checks. Some folks have or will have a direct deposit while others, like me, have an actual old-fashioned check. Why I got a check when the IRS definitely has my account and routing numbersContinue reading “3 different ways to use your stimulus money”