Air Force One, a site to behold flying over my house

The President of the United States is in Nashville today touring the tornado damage in the area. The upside of living in the flight plan of the nearby airport is usually being able to see lots of different types of aircraft coming and going. And I like watching airplanes. My first experience with Air ForceContinue reading “Air Force One, a site to behold flying over my house”

Independence Day for the rebels

I’ve had the opportunity to celebrate July 4th for 38 years and watch fireworks shows all over the country. In fact, tonight I’ll be watching one in Missouri of all places. I’ve been to a show or two in Nashville, a couple in Ohio, quite a few in Florida, and up and down the eastContinue reading “Independence Day for the rebels”

Life: Laughing together like people in Japan probably do

Laughing. We all do it. Babies. Old folks. Democrats. Republicans. AP English teachers. Criminals. People in the smallest town in the US to people in the largest city in Japan. When God created us, he included something that makes life so much more enjoyable. The sense of humor. And it’s pretty cool that there areContinue reading “Life: Laughing together like people in Japan probably do”

Apathy in America: To respect our flag or not?

Disrespecting the American flag is a relatively new phenomenon. It was only in the late 60s/early 70s that burning the American flag became popular among Vietnam War protesters. This practice was illegal, but since then has been covered under the rights of the 1st Amendment. Even in 2011, the question remains whether it’s the people’sContinue reading “Apathy in America: To respect our flag or not?”

The Man Behind ‘The Dadabase’

If you log onto the internet and search for things like Jewish actors, the height of famous people, pickles, or marijuana, you’re sure to come across a website of blogs called Scenic Route Snapshots. With little to no knowledge of any specific subject, the author of this site writes and encourages people to click onContinue reading “The Man Behind ‘The Dadabase’”