Is rapper Tom MacDonald more patriotic than country singer Brad Paisley?

There are a couple of new songs out now, along with accompanying videos. One is from country superstar Brad Paisley and another from a relatively new rapper, Tom MacDonald. They both have guests appear in their songs but you might be surprised who one guest, country singer John Rich, duets with. The other duet includesContinue reading “Is rapper Tom MacDonald more patriotic than country singer Brad Paisley?”

Could a Black Trans-Woman Become President?

Today’s post is somewhat of a part 2 to yesterday’s writing but, like a handful of movie sequels, this one can stand on its own, too. I’ll say this though, the two posts are similar, especially considering the theories surrounding a former First Lady. So if you want to, check out Is Michelle Obama aContinue reading “Could a Black Trans-Woman Become President?”

Such a train wreck!

Why is it that we love to see train wrecks? I’m not talking about ACTUAL crashes. I mean things like “The Bachelorette,” Tom Brady’s marriage, politicians on the debate stage. Each of those, and there are a million more, are part of pop culture for one reason only: they’re train wrecks and so often weContinue reading “Such a train wreck!”

Democrats in the media are freakin’ NUTS!

Lizzo brings Stacey Abrams on stage and that’s OK but when Luke Bryan has Ron DeSantis on stage, the liberal left lose their ever-loving minds. Dear Lord, three things I pray… to love you more dearly, to follow you more nearly, and for Democrats to stop being idiots. The same left wing nut jobs whoContinue reading “Democrats in the media are freakin’ NUTS!”

Pennsylvania Senate Debate – thoughts from a non-Pennsylvanian

My mom, sister, and I watched the debate between John Fetterman and Dr. Oz last night, mostly in disbelief. Can a candidate be in the condition Fetterman is in and still win an election? We live about 6 states away so a lot of what they talked about didn’t really apply to us except forContinue reading “Pennsylvania Senate Debate – thoughts from a non-Pennsylvanian”