The best MAGA pick-up lines for 2022

I recently posted the Best Woke Pick-Up Lines for 2022 so it’s only fair to do the flip side, as well. So let’s get right into it. Here are the best MAGA pick-up lines for a guy to pick-up a traditional woman. 10. After dinner, would you like to get on Twitter and troll someContinue reading “The best MAGA pick-up lines for 2022”

Monkeypox… and super gay commercials

I guess I’m a little confused about the hubbub surrounding the monkeypox outbreak. More specifically, why are folks upset when it’s mentioned that monkeypox dramatically affects gay men more than the public at large (at least that’s the case at the time of this writing)? Unfortunately, I think the answer is more political than homophobia.Continue reading “Monkeypox… and super gay commercials”

Joe Biden falls off a bike and has me asking, “Is this real life?”

While Donald Trump and Joe Biden were competing for our votes in the 2020 election, I wrote quite a bit about the pair. Mostly I wrote about Joe Biden, because I generally and genuinely couldn’t understand 1. why he was running (from his perspective) and 2. why anyone would even entertain the notion of votingContinue reading “Joe Biden falls off a bike and has me asking, “Is this real life?””

Is this radical idea enough to save America from its politics?

I think I have a solution to the tense political climate in the US. Only because my faith is small that everyone would give God a chance, which would be the ultimate solution, I have this idea that would surely calm things down. I don’t think it has ever been tried before, but at theContinue reading “Is this radical idea enough to save America from its politics?”

Whatever happened to those “Coexist” bumper stickers?

I was thinking today about when the last time I saw one of those “coexist” bumper stickers.  It seemed as if they were mostly stuck on cars of the person who wanted everyone else to acknowledge (and maybe even approve) of his or her own beliefs, and for whatever differences they had to be “OK”. Continue reading “Whatever happened to those “Coexist” bumper stickers?”