Why do politicians always say they “approve this message”?

It’s an election year so you know exactly what that means. More ads on TV than we can handle promoting this politician or that one. For so many years, most of these ads conclude with, “I’m so and so, and I approve this message.”

I’ve never really looked into it and maybe you have, but in case you haven’t I’ll share my findings now.

Basically, since 2002 it’s required by law (“Stand By Your Ad” provision) for a candidate to use the language in any ad they produce for television. It’s supposed to keep politicians from getting into mudslinging when it comes to their competition. It’s the idea that I, running for a certain office, wouldn’t want to associate myself with an ad that calls my opponent a hurtful name or says something personal or too dramatic about them, so because I must include my name, I’ll keep the ad from being too aggressive or dirty. If you want more details about this, click here for a good article about it all.

There ya have it! That’s the reason for the next 9 months we’ll be hearing this day in and day out. If you’re like me, you don’t exactly care to hear it and it’s more annoying than anything else.

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Joe Biden tells woman to “shush”

EDIT: After further clarification, he actually tells her to “shush, shush” but the rest of the post still applies, the title has been updated with “shush” instead of “hush.”  

I’m not sure if this little outburst from Joe Biden will blow up, but when I heard it I was taken aback. You’d think in the era in which we find ourselves that a power move like this would be strongly condemned by women and men alike…

The context of when he said “shush, shush” definitely plays a part in his overall sassy attitude, as he’s being confronted by a dude talking about the second amendment, but if I were the woman I’d be pretty embarrassed.

How do you feel about this clip? Do you think Biden owes her an apology? Does the moment deserve a public explanation? Chime in below!

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Bloomberg out, Biden back in?

I think it’s very appropriate to call the Democratic run for presidency a roller coaster so far. Just looking at my posts from the past few months is a good example. Not even a month ago I posted Biden out, Bloomberg in? because Joe Biden’s campaign appeared to be on its last leg after he lost in Iowa. The day after the Iowa primaries Michael Bloomberg had TV ads showcasing his relationship with Barack Obama and this morning, after Super Tuesday results, Bloomberg is out of the race.

Just yesterday I saw a new TV commercial using a clip of Obama praising Biden, although Obama has yet to endorse any candidate.

Biden is gaining momentum even after all his worrisome gaffs in public speeches and on the debate stage. Even last night he confused his wife and his sister.

The more I think about it, the more I’m losing faith in the American people. I mean, if you can admit that he’s had mental stumbles, but can’t admit it’s something more than accidental slip-ups, and STILL choose him for the nominee… maybe something isn’t wrong with him, something is wrong with you. 🙂

In his own words Biden said about picking a Vice President, “he’s capable of immediately being a president because I’m an old guy,” which means that he’s admitting he could die during his presidency! That would concern me a great deal if I was a supporter.

Somehow, though, Biden is gaining traction day in and day out. Bernie Sanders would give Trump a stronger challenge if the demographic he appeals to (young people) would be motivated enough to actually get off the couch and go vote.

I suspect the roller coaster is just getting started which means we have lots of twists and turns and loops and twirly-do’s to come. After all, some think Hillary Clinton is still waiting in the wings. She’s appearing on late night TV tonight so that will be interesting to watch. I’ll be listening for any indicators that she has her eye on disrupting the process by adding her name as a nominee which is very possible if this turns into a contested convention.

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Amy Klobuchar as Biden’s running mate?

It’s the night the for super Tuesday and I’m huddled by the heater watching Joe Biden do a rally in Dallas Texas. The event included various local politicians and a pastor. Oh, I almost forgot a woman approached the mic to perform “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and, not to be hurtful, but she would not have earned a spot in Hollywood on American Idol. It was rough.

It’s also important to note who ISN’T on stage. Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke… nowhere to be seen. But Amy Klobuchar IS there and she was the person who introduced Biden preceding his speech.

Biden then spent more than a few minutes praising Amy.

Half of me is just happy he didn’t forget her name. The other half is wondering if tonight’s Bachelor episode might have had less smoke to blow up our a$$. I wouldn’t know because #BachelorBoycott is still a thing.

So to sum up, Joe is at a rally speaking very loudly, Amy Klobuchar is dreaming of being his voice president, and somewhere Pete Buttigieg is still not the most popular Peter (Bachelor Nation is real, y’all).

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UPDATE: Beto is now on stage so now Second Pete* is the only one not speaking on stage.

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*Peter on the Bachelor has been designated as First Pete, because he has more fans 🙂

Right to Life vs. Pro-Choice… a personal discovery about abortion

The discussion of a baby’s right to life vs. a woman’s choice seems to be a hot topic again in the Unites States. I don’t think the controversy ever totally disappeared but since the election of Donald Trump, the issue has bubbled up again as tempers (and patience) are short these days.

I know where I stand but this post isn’t one that will try to convince you to believe what I believe. I’d just simply like to write down something I thought of and began researching last week. First, though, I’ll point out the strongest argument for both sides, whether pro-choice or pro-life. 


I’m starting with pro-life because this strong argument will set up what pro-choice supporters use most often as their strongest argument. A pro-lifer will say that the fetus, usually beginning right at conception, is a human being, or at the very least, will be. This newly formed being has the right to life, just like everyone else.


The defense against the pro-life stance above is simple. This newly formed fetus is not a human. It’s part of the woman, therefore the woman has the right to decide what to do with her body…. which is where “My body, my choice,” comes from. 

If you’ve been part of a discussion with someone who doesn’t support your views on the matter, you certainly know that it will go back and forth for who knows how long… each side presenting why they think they’re right and the other is wrong. 

I don’t know how often or at what rate anyone flip flops on their beliefs because both sides (pro-life and pro-choice) seem to be pretty well hunkered down in their respective camps. The fundamental difference is one side doesn’t see the fetus as a “human life” and the other side does. To argue that abortion is murder as a way to change someone’s mind will not work because pro-choice folks don’t think it’s a human, therefore it can’t be murder. 

That would then beg the question, “When does life begin?” I think both sides answering this question honestly with an open mind, perhaps backed by science if possible, would help with some sort of compromise. Compromise isn’t necessarily the best solution, but at least it can take the hurtful rhetoric down a notch or two. Finding some kind of common ground on this question is the only way the two sides will ever stop arguing, short of a miraculous revelation from Heaven. 

In society today, the most popular mantra on the pro-choice side is this, “My body, my choice,” or “her body, her choice.” This is the idea that no one else has a say about what goes on in a woman’s body except for her and maybe her doctor. To counteract this, pro-life people will ask if the woman has 2 heads, or 20 toes, 20 fingers, and so on. They’re pointing out that the fetus, within a month of conception, is forming a head, fingers, toes, arms, legs, etc. 

It’s widely believed that a fetus has its own DNA within hours of conception, therefore while it’s dependent on the mother, it is not the mother. If this isn’t strong enough evidence, let’s think about blood for a second. I did some research on common blood types A, B, and O. What I found extremely interesting was about early discoveries of blood transfusions. To set it up, we all know if a person needs a blood transfusion and this person has type A blood, they need a donor with type A blood. Someone who is type B would need a type B donor. But a little over 100 years ago (late 1800s) this matching of blood types was not happening because the differences hadn’t been discovered yet. There was a need for this discovery though, because blood transfusions had a terrible track record up to this point. Why? Well, as it turns out, mixing blood types is deadly. A type A person cannot receive type B blood and expect to live. In the mid- to late-1800s the medical community actually shunned transfusions because of this high risk of death. 

As all of this new information was squeezing into my brain, and undoubtedly pushing other information out (if I forget your birthday this year, this is why!), I began to connect the discoveries of blood types to the fetus in a mother’s womb. 

Did you know that it’s possible for a baby to have a different blood type than the mother? I also discovered that a fetus has his or her own blood running through their tiny body roughly 21 days after conception. That’s only 3 weeks! So remember what was discovered about transfusions over a hundred years ago, blood types cannot mix or else there is a high risk of death? This is also true in pregnancy! If the blood of either the mother or fetus were to mix, both would most likely die from it. Enter the placenta. This critical organ serves as a two-way filter between mother and baby. Among other things, it keeps the mother’s blood from getting to the baby, and the baby’s blood from getting to the mother. 

Fascinating, right? 

Now going back to the strongest arguments from the pro-choice side, “My body, my choice,” and the fetus not being a human… these must be complete falsehoods because one person cannot have 2 blood types in their body. This fetus/baby is a separate human being  with its own DNA, it’s own blood, and that is the only possible scenario. I believe this newly formed human has the right to life, as stated in the Declaration of Independence… 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Like I said earlier, I’m not trying to change your mind. I just wanted to record in writing something that has solidified my stance even more that we are supposed to speak on behalf of those who can’t yet… in this case, the unborn baby. 

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