zoom zoom and a vroom vroom

Attending church since March has meant something totally different than it did…. well, anytime in history before March. A lot of congregations are utilizing the Zoom live meeting program, which is what my Sunday morning Bible study uses. A typical Sunday for me is Bible study starting at 9am– oh wait, first I wake upContinue reading “zoom zoom and a vroom vroom”

We’re wearing our past on our heads

I was sitting in church the other day definitely paying attention to the sermon.  OK OK, my mind is often hopping from topic to topic and at some point on this particular Sunday, I noticed the length of hair of various people around me. I thought, “It’s interesting that hair is constantly growing longer. EvenContinue reading “We’re wearing our past on our heads”

Why I don’t drink much alcohol but I’m mostly ok of you do

Raised as a Southern Baptist Christian, I always thought any drinking was wrong. It’s not necessarily my parents that taught me that, just the culture that existed in the Baptist church in the 80s and 90s. So when I became an adult I still believed drinking alcohol was wrong, or even a sin. Naturally, IContinue reading “Why I don’t drink much alcohol but I’m mostly ok of you do”

Adult remembers the first time he lifted his hands in worship

By definition, Pentecostal means a Christian who’s faith is evidenced by speaking in tongues, healing, and even exorcism. If you ask the Baptists, it would include raising your hands, too. And Baptists don’t want to be Pentecostal. Steven Turner, son of Pastor Turner and his wife Janine, was raised Baptist from the time he wasContinue reading “Adult remembers the first time he lifted his hands in worship”

The first Bachelor contestant, Adam

Does anyone else’s mind wander during church sometimes? Only me? OK then! That’ll give me something to confess the next time I’m in prayer. “God, I’m sorry for thinking about ABC’s The Bachelor and what if Adam was the contestant picking from 25 women. I know it’s weird. Thank you for loving me anyway.” …isContinue reading “The first Bachelor contestant, Adam”