Unlucky Fan Gets Seat Directly Behind Cardboard Cutouts

Tampa Bay, FL — Due to looser regulations on COVID-19, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been allowing 15% capacity in their stadium, much to the delight of lifelong Bucs fan Jason Treger. “This year has been a tough one. I lost my job. I might have to sell my house. All I wanted was to score a ticket to see my Bucs play and maybe watch Tom Brady throw a couple touchdowns.”

Part of Jason’s wish came true; he was one of a handful of lucky fans to get a ticket for a recent game. However, that’s where his luck ran out. Though there were plenty of empty seats around the stadium, his seat was squarely behind two of the largest cardboard cutouts ever manufactured.

Jason’s view for the entire game

Jason provided OTW News with a photo he took during the game. He said if you look closely you can see Tom Brady but we inspected the picture and cannot confirm this. Jason left the game feeling empty and disheartened. The only solace Jason has in this world is that he’s not a Jets fan.

-OTW News

Football on the weekend – Gators go down! :)

This past weekend was a great one if you’re a fan of football. A few big matchups on Saturday with college ball, and Sunday in the NFL. Since all we had was rain in Nashville, I was mostly content to stay indoors for the weekend and watch these upsets happen! If you don’t know this about me, I LOVE when an underdog can rise up and win. Saturday included a matchup between the University of Miami against the #1 Clemson Tigers, Florida State (my alma mater) vs. #5 Notre Dame, as well as games including #4 UF, #1 Alabama, and other top teams.

I was all geared up to watch Miami defeat the Clemson Tigers. Didn’t happen. Wasn’t pretty. And for reasons that still get irritate me, I wouldn’t have been upset if Notre Dame annihilated Florida State. I know that goes against my inclination to cheer for the underdog, but FSU is the exception to that rule, at the moment.

The biggest upset was UF (Gators) losing… always a bright spot in my world when UF loses 🙂

The NFL had a two games in particular that were fun to watch. First, the undefeated Chiefs, with their almost unstoppable quarterback/running back duo, were upset by the Las Vegas Raiders. They did a good job keeping QB Patrick Mahomes off the field which contributed greatly to their win. The Sunday night game featured Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings. The Seahawks were undefeated going into the game and Minnesota was minutes away from busting that record up until they went for a first down when it was 4th & inches when the SHOULD’VE kicked a field goal. QB Russell Wilson and an amazing wide receiver made them pay for it by driving down the field and scoring a touchdown to win the game.

On a weekend where it was wet and gross outside, it was enjoyable to watch these games, even if the Davids didn’t defeat all of the Goliaths. I will say this, too, I haven’t yet regretted opting out of fantasy football this year. I know it would have given me such anxiety and I know for sure (because it’s how fantasy goes for me) I would have drafted players that are now injured or just not doing well. That’s where the anxiety comes in.

Did you watch some of the games? Are you a Gator fan? If so, sorry not sorry 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness

All the professional teams that will change their names in the next 5 to 10 years…probably

In light of the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins changing their name to the Washington Football Team, I want to make it easy for you (because I was wondering this myself) to have a list of all the professional teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) that will most likely be changing their names in the next 5 to 10 years to be more politically correct. I’ll also put together a list of major colleges that will be doing the same. Let’s start with the NFL, though… 


Dallas Cowboys

New England Patriots

Minnesota Vikings

Cleveland Browns

Major League Baseball:

Atlanta Braves

Cleveland Indians

National Hockey League: 

Chicago Blackhawks

NBA Basketball:


There are a few more I would add to the list of each league if I were being nitpicky (Oakland Athletics… offensive to unathletic people?)… but for now we’ll leave the list as it is. 

Do you think these teams will be pressured to come up with new mascots anytime soon? Chime in below with your thoughts. 

-Out of the Wilderness





Fantasy football 2020 season is a no-go

I’m just happy I can say I’ve been to the mountaintop. It was only a few seasons ago the Billy Oceans reached the summit of fantasy football glory by finishing #1 in the Turn Down for Football League made up of teams coached by friends here in Nashville. Since then, some friends have moved out of state, some of passed their team ownership to others, and this year is a milestone for my team. As an owner, I have to make the hard decisions and this one… well, it actually doesn’t irk me too much.

I’ve decided I will not be returning for the 2020 season for one reason, and one reason alone: I have zero faith that the NFL season will look anything like fans want it to, and by that I envision the season being messy, disorganized, full of drama, and falling apart before playoffs are even close to the horizon. With that in mind, I don’t want to become emotionally invested in my fantasy team (which we all know WILL happen because I’m competitive like that) so I am 99% sure I won’t be fielding a team this year.

Oddly, I’m at peace with it.

What I wish would happen is that the players would just carry on as usual and if they feel sick, or even test positive for the coronavirus, then decide what they want to do. But we all know that won’t be how this goes down. The second any player, including a team’s captain or #1 player test positive, they’re out… and that’s when things start getting messy all around the league. In the fantasy world, how do you manage a team where a few of your studs, guys you’ve built your team around, test positive and sit out. Then you’re not even worried about their “bye weeks,” you’re worried EVERY SINGLE WEEK! That’s no fun and won’t really be a test of anyone’s fantasy football skills, much less the players and teams real life skills.

I predict this season will go down as a special one, where any team that makes it to the Super Bowl and wins (that’s a big “if,” by the way, seeing as how I’m guessing the season might just stop midway through) will be accompanied by an asterick next to their championship record.

What do you think? Am I just being overly dramatic? Will you be playing fantasy football and if so, what concerns do you have?

-Out of the Wilderness


New XFL football season in 2020! Thanks, no thanks.

For those that think we need more football in our lives, the XFL kicks off in February 2020, the weekend after the NFL Super Bowl. You may remember the XFL from the 1-season-season back in 2001, promoted as a mix of WWE wrestling and professional football. The league folded but supposedly it’s back and better than ever now.

I can’t speak for all football fans, but I don’t think I’ll be an avid fan of the league. We already have football on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday. And now with fantasy football, I’m just about exhausted every Sunday night!

I’ll tell you a little story about yesterday, Sunday. My fantasy football team, The Billy Oceans, faced the best team in the league. He scores like, a bajillion points every week, so I didn’t have much hope going into it. My team, though, is almost in a must-win situation if I want to make the 4-team playoffs. So he ends up outscoring me by early afternoon.

I take a nap. It’s Sunday after all.

I wake up to find my team dead even, scoring quite a few points while I was sleeping! Long story short, in the Sunday night game, Lamar Jackson gave me a headache and I get headaches maybe once every few years. Not good!

So do I want MORE football once the NFL and college are over? For the sake of my health, I’ll pass.

-Out of the Wilderness