The Birthing Person Halftime Show

It used to be that you shouldn’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant but now I don’t even think it’s politically correct to ask a woman if she’s a woman. So this birthing person named Rihanna, who might nor might not be pregnant (I haven’t asked her), was the halftime show of the Super Bowl.Continue reading “The Birthing Person Halftime Show”

The iPhone Emergecy SOS Commercial – The Music and More

Beep boop boop beep! Satellite linked SOS (for emergencies only) is front and center in a recent Apple commercial for the iPhone 14. Take a look then scroll down for more info about the ad… The Music. Adding to the tension in this commercial is a song called “Found” by Toulouse. Here’s the full track…Continue reading “The iPhone Emergecy SOS Commercial – The Music and More”

Where is the kid from the Cam Newton commercial now?

I was thinking about a commercial from 2012 featuring star quarterback Cam Newton and a kid named Nate. In the commercial, Nate basically challenges Cam Newton for the starting position as the QB for the Carolina Panthers. It’s a great ad, take a look! All Grown Up. A few days ago I wondered, “Where isContinue reading “Where is the kid from the Cam Newton commercial now?”

The power of prayer a million times over

This week so many people saw the injury to Buffalo Bills defense player Damar Hamlin on live TV as it happened. In fact, it was the most watched NFL game on ESPN in years, something like over 22 million were watching. It just so happened that this heavily watched game included an injury unlike anyContinue reading “The power of prayer a million times over”

Is there a State Farm curse in the NFL?

I had this entire post nearly finished as the Buffalo Bills were 13 seconds away from defeating the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday. Thirteen seconds!!!! No one can orchestrate an offensive drive to score enough points to win a game IN THIRTEEN SECONDS! Wrong. The Chiefs did. They were able to kick a field goal toContinue reading “Is there a State Farm curse in the NFL?”