The Best Woke Pick Up Lines for 2022

Here are a few pick-up lines to help guys find a modern woman to date. 10. If I identify as a fireplace, will you come sit next to me? 9. Hey you. My pronouns are “yours” and “forever.” 8. What would you think if I told you Bernie Sanders is my spirit animal? 7. IfContinue reading “The Best Woke Pick Up Lines for 2022”

Bernie Sanders ends his presidential run… again

I just came across the news that Bernie has suspended his campaign. I guess the shushing Joe Biden is the guy now. Who will be his running mate? Possibly her? Or her? I wonder why Bernie picked today to make the announcement. I still think he would’ve had a better shot of beating Trump inContinue reading “Bernie Sanders ends his presidential run… again”

Favorite moments from the Democratic debates so far

I’ve somehow managed to watch most of the Democrat debates and thought I’d list some of the most entertaining moments. Maybe that’s why I keep tuning it… because there are enough of these funny, sometimes unbelievable, encounters that can’t be made up.  Mama said knock you out. Joe Biden suggesting we need to keep punching,Continue reading “Favorite moments from the Democratic debates so far”