Joe Biden falls off a bike and has me asking, “Is this real life?”

While Donald Trump and Joe Biden were competing for our votes in the 2020 election, I wrote quite a bit about the pair. Mostly I wrote about Joe Biden, because I generally and genuinely couldn’t understand 1. why he was running (from his perspective) and 2. why anyone would even entertain the notion of votingContinue reading “Joe Biden falls off a bike and has me asking, “Is this real life?””

Biden Replaces White House Physician With Dr. Seuss

Washington, D.C. — A few days into his last term as President, Joe Biden has released the White House physician who’s served under both Obama and Trump. To make things official this morning, the newly elected President set up a virtual press conference where he announced who will take over this important position. “Laughter isContinue reading “Biden Replaces White House Physician With Dr. Seuss”

Thoughts about Harris/Biden victory speeches

I’ll start this post off by saying it is my intention to always refer to the Democrat executive duo as Harris/Biden (listing Harris first) because most of America can see the writing on the wall: If elected, it’s only a matter of time until Kamala Harris becomes President. And I’m not saying it’ll be inContinue reading “Thoughts about Harris/Biden victory speeches”

Why some Democrats love masks and hate Trump

I will preface this by saying that I can’t speak for all Democrats, although I think most of them would agree one reason they hate Donald Trump is because he won’t require everyone to wear a mask. But why the outrage? Is there a reason a lot of folks on the left freak out whenContinue reading “Why some Democrats love masks and hate Trump”

Biden checking out First Lady after debate

After the last debate Biden couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the First Lady, and cameras caught it. In his defense, he might be on death’s doorstep, but he DOES still have a heartbeat and she IS a woman. But it seems like only Joe Biden can tell a woman to “shush,” ask a womanContinue reading “Biden checking out First Lady after debate”