Biden To Grow Leg Hair Out For “No Shave November”

Greenville, DE — Touted as a “man of the people,” Joe Biden aims to show he has not lost touch with Americans by participating in “No Shave November,” an on-going effort to raise awareness of and funds for cancer research. Typically men participating in fundraiser forego shaving their face, however Biden is reportedly going toContinue reading “Biden To Grow Leg Hair Out For “No Shave November””

A reaction to the first Presidential debate

There’s a reason politics aren’t mentioned in the lyrics of “America the Beautiful” because what we watched last night was not beautiful. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden had the opportunity to lay out a vision for what they wanted the next four years to look like and all they could do is bash oneContinue reading “A reaction to the first Presidential debate”

Bloomberg out, Biden back in?

I think it’s very appropriate to call the Democratic run for presidency a roller coaster so far. Just looking at my posts from the past few months is a good example. Not even a month ago I posted Biden out, Bloomberg in? because Joe Biden’s campaign appeared to be on its last leg after heContinue reading “Bloomberg out, Biden back in?”

Biden out, Bloomberg in? New TV ad from Bloomberg after Iowa fiasco

This week something really interesting happened. I was jogging on the treadmill at Planet Fitness (because who wants to run outdoors when it’s 40 degrees and rainy??) and looked up to the row of TVs to see, surprising no one, an ad for Michael Bloomberg. But it wasn’t the familiar ads we’ve seen recently. ThisContinue reading “Biden out, Bloomberg in? New TV ad from Bloomberg after Iowa fiasco”

Easy Decisions on Election Tuesday

It’s 2012 and you know what that means, we elect a president for the next 4 years! For most, the decision on who to vote for is easy because you either like this guy: or this guy:  But for those who are still undecided, perhaps these easy choices will help you have enough confidence toContinue reading “Easy Decisions on Election Tuesday”