Has anyone noticed the gas prices lately?

Even with the Willow Project getting a green light from Joe Biden (which must infuriate anyone who voted for him), I’ve noticed gas prices are rising yet again! Of course, I understand the Willow Project drilling in Alaska won’t happen anytime soon but usually when there’s news like that, it affects the market pretty quickly.Continue reading “Has anyone noticed the gas prices lately?”

DeSantis makes lethal career blunders?

I don’t know if I can take another 18 months of the politics as it’s being reported in the news and on various social networks. It’s mind-boggling that the next presidential election is so far away and yet here we are with politicians declaring their candidacy (Republicans mostly, as Joe Biden seems to be aContinue reading “DeSantis makes lethal career blunders?”

“Let’s finish the job!” – Joe Biden

Half the country thinks “Let’s finish the job” is a call for progress and unification. The other half would call it a threat. Isn’t it funny how one statement can be a promise or a threat depending on who you ask? Since Joe Biden became president, a few things have improved, generally speaking, yet evidenceContinue reading ““Let’s finish the job!” – Joe Biden”

Joe Biden is Trans and Wants a Presidential Rerun?

Coming as a surprise to no one (except maybe Joe Biden?), Joe Biden is running for re-election as the first self-proclaimed trans president of the United States. Of course, by “trans,” I’m referring to a comment Biden made in 2020 where he claimed to be a “transitional president,” and everyone knows “running” is a wordContinue reading “Joe Biden is Trans and Wants a Presidential Rerun?”

Non-compete clauses at Burger King?

This was over an hour-long SNL skit, right? Yesterday Joe Biden gave another State of the Union Address, and just like my favorite kind of movies it had drama, humor, action, and all the thrills a room full of old people can muster up. In fact, more than once Joe commented on how old everyoneContinue reading “Non-compete clauses at Burger King?”