Could a Black Trans-Woman Become President?

Today’s post is somewhat of a part 2 to yesterday’s writing but, like a handful of movie sequels, this one can stand on its own, too. I’ll say this though, the two posts are similar, especially considering the theories surrounding a former First Lady. So if you want to, check out Is Michelle Obama aContinue reading “Could a Black Trans-Woman Become President?”

Is Michelle Obama a biological man?

Absurd. The idea that the woman we’ve known for quite some time as the First Lady and now a former First Lady might’ve actually been born a man is ludicrous. It’s kind of like the people who claim birds aren’t real. But there are questions that might never be answered, like… Does Brad Paisley haveContinue reading “Is Michelle Obama a biological man?”

So is Hillary running for Prez or not?

There’s a local radio host here in Nashville who has prophetically projected that Hillary Clinton will jump into the race for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Obviously, at this time she hasn’t and since a few of the states’ deadlines for submitting your official entry has passed, she’ll have an interestingContinue reading “So is Hillary running for Prez or not?”

And the Grammy goes to… Michelle Obama?

My thoughts keep coming back to the recent Grammy Awards that aired live Sunday night. I’ll preface this post by saying that I absolutely love music. I was pretty pumped to celebrate the great music from 2019, because there was a lot of it! The show was hosted by ultra-feminist Alecia Keys and, well, sheContinue reading “And the Grammy goes to… Michelle Obama?”