Biden Replaces White House Physician With Dr. Seuss

Washington, D.C. — A few days into his last term as President, Joe Biden has released the White House physician who’s served under both Obama and Trump. To make things official this morning, the newly elected President set up a virtual press conference where he announced who will take over this important position. “Laughter isContinue reading “Biden Replaces White House Physician With Dr. Seuss”

When it’s silent overhead

The title of this blog might lead you to believe I have some deep revelation to share with you today. If we think of God in Heaven up above, maybe I’m about to dive into a subject like, “When we don’t hear God speaking,” or “Where is God when we need Him most,” or “IsContinue reading “When it’s silent overhead”

Biden out, Bloomberg in? New TV ad from Bloomberg after Iowa fiasco

This week something really interesting happened. I was jogging on the treadmill at Planet Fitness (because who wants to run outdoors when it’s 40 degrees and rainy??) and looked up to the row of TVs to see, surprising no one, an ad for Michael Bloomberg. But it wasn’t the familiar ads we’ve seen recently. ThisContinue reading “Biden out, Bloomberg in? New TV ad from Bloomberg after Iowa fiasco”

Easy Decisions on Election Tuesday

It’s 2012 and you know what that means, we elect a president for the next 4 years! For most, the decision on who to vote for is easy because you either like this guy: or this guy:  But for those who are still undecided, perhaps these easy choices will help you have enough confidence toContinue reading “Easy Decisions on Election Tuesday”