6 Underground (Netflix, 2020) movie review- no spoilers

Many fans of this movie are already calling for a sequel, and my hunch is, they’re right on the money. It’ll no doubt have a follow up after the story in this one ends. The nice part is they didn’t leave you with a cliffhanger so you’ll finish this one in a good mood. Especially if you like Ryan Reynolds! His signature style of acting is all over this one. 

Just by watching the trailer, and because Michael Bay is the director, you know this movie is going to have action, action, and more action. Oh, and explosions. Well, it has all of that x 100. What I will remember about this film is the way it was shot and edited. I’ve never seen a movie with so much close-up detail in the action sequences. Many times I had to blink with an expression of amazement in what I was seeing. With that said, there were wide shots, too, where you’d expect medium or close-up. For instance, during a car chase they use an aerial shot of the entire downtown cityscape. In a teeny tiny part of the shot is the lead car streaking around a street. You may see the car, you may not. Nonetheless, the story continues and you may just need to go back 10 seconds to see again what you missed. 

I really like that about this movie. The story itself is entertaining, too. If you like action, humor, and grand explosions, this movie is definitely one you’ll enjoy. Note, though, that the language is quite colorful. Lots of f bombs throughout. 

If you watch this movie, comment below with your favorite parts, least favorite parts, and your overall opinion. Talk with you soon! 

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A white woman has a 61% chance of winning The Bachelor

Episode 3 included a lot of drama and because of that, instead of 3 women, 4 women were sent home… for now. (spoiler alert! Alayah returns next week!)

At the conclusion of this episode, there are 8 white women still there, 4 black women, and 1 Asian. Here are the stats!

White – 8 (down 2 from last week)

Black – 4 (down 1 from last week)

Asian – 1 (down 1 from last week)

Chance of winning…

A black woman: 30.8% (up 1.5% since episode 2)

An Asian woman: 7.7% (down 4% since episode 2)

A white woman: 61.5% (up 3% since episode 2)

Among the white women there are 3 blondes, 4 brunettes, and still Lexie as the lone redhead. As a ginger, she has a 7.7% chance of winning it all. A brunette has a 31% of winning, and a blonde has a 23% chance of winning.

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The Bachelor: More about Alayah and why she’s hanging out with a Titan

If you’re watching the episodes each week you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about Alayah in episode 3 (aired 1/20/2020). According to her bio on the show’s website Alayah is a orthodontist assistant from San Antonio, Texas. Her last name is Benavidez, which means “son/servant of God.”

Alayah means “exalted, sublime; to ascend; joyful”. Alayah is an alternate spelling of Alaia (Arabic, Hebrew, Basque).

As a Benavidez, Alayah can expect to live well into her 60s before she’s smells her last rose. Ancestry.com says those with the last name of Benavidez in the USA have a lifespan of upper 60s. Alayah has anywhere from 40 to 45 years left on this earth.

Her full name is Alayah Nicole Benavidez.

She attended UT-San Antonio.

She opened an online boutique called Three Bees Boutique.

She was crowned Miss Texas 2019 back in January of that year. Here’ the winning moment…

She then competed in Miss USA pageant, where she did not make the top 15. Fellow Bachelor contestant Victoria Paul did make the top 15, but not the top 10.

(Victoria P. had open heart surgery as a baby, and is the first in her family to graduate college. She either has or wants to have a Master’s Degree in nursing.)

According to her bio on the Miss USA website, Alayah wants to become a published author.

Alayah has overcome dyslexia as a student.

She’s a dog lover, and has a 110-pound doberman pinscher named Titan, who she likes to run with, as shown here in her Instagram post.

Alayah and Titan

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A Fall From Grace (Netflix, Tyler Perry) 2020 – spoilers!

I watched this movie last night, and I’m glad I did so before reading reviews because as you’ll read in this one and this one (WARNING: both links contain movie spoilers), when the movie ends, we are left with a lot of thoughts and questions.

I’ll try not to reveal anything that gives the movie away so you can make a judgement for yourself whether to watch it or not, but I do think it’s worth watching just to see if you can pick apart the story and the way it’s told. PS. I love Cicely Tyson. I wanted to like the movie and there are parts of it I did in fact like, but overall I was full of questions. OK, I do have a spoiler. The woman at the center of the whole story marries a younger dude, and then he turns out to be a real punk and basically just married her for her money. He “knows the law” so he orchestrated his relationship with her so that he can benefit monetarily. That’s sorta the plot of the whole movie, but soon after this, we, as the audience, find out he’s up to no good there’s a scene of him cheating on his wife in their house. I’m going to have to look this up, but isn’t marriage infidelity a legitimate legal reason for divorce and/or not sharing spousal assets? So this guy, since he cheated, would no longer have any rights to the property or wealth of his wife, right?

There were also about 73 times I thought to myself, “Why is this woman not secretly recording everything her husband is saying?” Doesn’t someone always secretly record something in these kinds of movies?? And as soon as she figured it out, the con-man was nothing but extremely truthful about every single thing he did… and why he was doing it. It’s almost harder to NOT record him, he’s confessing so much and so often.

Then there’s the music. I’ll be kind and say most of the score/soundtrack was good. It either added to the story or was unnoticed (unnoticed in that it didn’t distract from the telling of the story). But a handful of times, I must say the sound effects and music were straight out of a 1970s thriller movie. Woman grabs a knife [insert dramatic violin stinger here]. It made me laugh every time it happened, which was more than once.

Those were the only times I laughed, that I can remember. Tyler Perry’s usually good at blending humor into his movies, but this one definitely took on a more serious tone, with no comic relief.

So in the end, I think viewers will be left with more questions than answers which is where I’m at right at this very moment. Why did this happen? Where did that come from? Why didn’t they explain this at all? But the movie was free so who are we to complain… I guess…

If you watched, how do you feel about it? What things did you notice that didn’t seem to add up? Chime in below and thanks for stopping by!

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41 and dating in 2020

Less than a month ago I turned 41 years old. Some men at my age have grown kids. Some might even be grandparents! But me?

It’s not for lack of trying. I had a handful of good dates in 2019. You see, success (meaning: getting any date at all) started quick in 2019. As in… January 1st I had my first date of the year. We met at The Well Coffeehouse in Nashville and had an enjoyable conversation. I remember thinking, “This is a good way to kick off a new year!” We talked about meeting up again…

Never. Never will I see this woman again.

This quick start to 2019 was an exception to the rule. I don’t think I had another date for a long time after that. Most of 2019 went this way, and the other day it dawned on me… most of my dates were first dates. Rarely was there ever a second date. Before you have pity on me, though, I’ll admit sometimes all we ever planned was to make-out, and one date was enough.

It’s now middle of January and so far, it’s been about the same. I’ve had a couple of first dates but I’ll commit to this right here and now… 2020 is about the elusive second date!

So here’s to less first dates in 2020!

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The most important thing in our world today

The other day as I was walking around the dog park with Piper and Asia another obvious, yet mind-blowing thought crossed my mind.

Think about it… almost every single thing we do is directly or almost directly because of gravity alone. Shoes? We want a comfortable pair because why? Because gravity is pulling us down and our feet hurt. Sleep? We want a soft or firm mattress based on how gravity is pulling our bodies into the mattress. How much we weigh, gym workouts, running up hills, car fuel consumption, weighted blankets for better sleep, how much almond milk is in a container (if measured in ounces), so much depends on gravity being the same day in and day out.

Can you think of anything in your life that isn’t related to gravity in any way? Comment below and I bet we can somehow related it back to our earth’s amazing magnet.

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Sony projector clock is amazing!

At first, I thought a projector clock would be a good idea and that I would like it. Now that I’ve had one for about 2 months, I feel very confident in saying that I do not like it…



You can project the time in red numbers anywhere in a room, but so far my favorite spot is the ceiling. Maybe this is weird but every time I’m getting ready for bed and think about the clock, my heart flutters.

Hey!! Instead of judging me, try one out for yourself! It will change your life. I’m using the Sony ICF-C1PJ so if you want this one, click here for the Amazon listing. Please note, although I’m not paid to endorse this project, if you purchase it through the Amazon link I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 


Time projected on ceiling, near the fan pictured below



There are some drawbacks, I suppose. The most common one you’ll see on any reviews is that the project automatically turns off after being on for 16 hours. This doesn’t bother me because I’d probably shut it off each morning when I wake up anyway. Another drawback I’ve notices is the buttons are a little confusing. There are about 10 different buttons on top and back and to activate certain functions, you have to press and hold, or press twice, or keep pressing continuously. It’s something to consult the manual for, which is rather annoying when you just want a clock that tells time, has an alarm, and projects. But overall, I do indeed love it!

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