We’re Maxed Out – A Volleyball Story

I had a weird experience you might expect during recess in elementary school, but this was not in school. It was on a volleyball court in Florida. For being in the Sunshine State, so far my experience with pick-up volleyball has paled in comparison with where I lived up until a few months ago— Nashville,Continue reading “We’re Maxed Out – A Volleyball Story”

Dolly Parton, the legend

I lived in Nashville, Tennessee for just about 16 years and it took about a day of living there to realize how respected Dolly is in the state. In fact, my dad and I were just talking about something that happened regarding her legacy there in Nashville. Some government officials wanted to make a statueContinue reading “Dolly Parton, the legend”

The van plan is falling apart

The adventure that *was* supposed to be #VanLife has turned out so much different than I expected. The backstory is that I bought a Thor Tellaro at the end of September. A brand new 2022 model with all the things I needed to live self-contained in the 20-foot long van. I sold my house inContinue reading “The van plan is falling apart”

Doing the right thing is a thing of the past

I wrote yesterday about the crazy stuff I’m dealing with in regards to an RV I bought in Nashville. While the whole situation is still in limbo, there was a moment on the phone with Lazydays RV, the dealership I got the RV from, that was quite a surprise. The short backstory is that thisContinue reading “Doing the right thing is a thing of the past”

Cemetery Photos on a Foggy Morning

I promise I’m not morbid but for the longest time I’ve felt something deeply moving by visiting cemeteries. I even went on a date to a cemetery. OK, that might be a little weird. It was really fun, though, because we had pencils and paper and were able to decipher the dates on some veryContinue reading “Cemetery Photos on a Foggy Morning”