A year ago today

It’s hard for me to believe I moved out of Nashville over a year ago. The weirdest thing is that I have dreams about the house I lived in there. In the dreams, I’m in the house for an overnight stay but the new homeowners show up and I feel weird that I’m in theirContinue reading “A year ago today”

A Nashville Collage of Images

I was putting together a collage of images for a friend recently and at first I didn’t really have a theme or direction. There was a great reason to celebrate him so I thought why not use Nashville as the theme? It’s where he and I met and the city has been a big partContinue reading “A Nashville Collage of Images”

Subaru Shelter Dog Commercial – The Dogs, the Music, and More!

Subaru’s established themselves as the #1 dog-loving car company. I’ve written about them before with their “Underdog” commercial and now they’re back with a special needs shelter dog ad. It’s ok to have happy tears with this one. Are there any animals as amazing as dogs? I mean, gosh, this commercial shows great examples ofContinue reading “Subaru Shelter Dog Commercial – The Dogs, the Music, and More!”

Me… a botanist?

Weeks before I moved into the house in Nashville, the sellers had made it pretty for potential buyers. The lawn was well-manicured, shrubs were trimmed neatly, and there were flowers. Those flowers lasted all of a few weeks after my move-in day. Why? I only watered them once. Call me heartless but I had justContinue reading “Me… a botanist?”

Ladybugs are awfully prude these days

When I recently posted that I hadn’t had any dates with the ladies lately, I didn’t suspect I’d be swarmed a few days later with oodles of ladies. Ladybugs, that is! It was basically out of nowhere but come to find out this is the season for them… I guess? I don’t remember having anContinue reading “Ladybugs are awfully prude these days”