Perfect night for a weenie roast

I recently met up with a few friends for a bonfire. You see, here in Nashville it’s cold. And when I say cold, I mean it’s colder than a brass toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg. We even moved the bonfire up from 7pm to 4pm, which had me as happy as a hound dog with two tails. Speaking of dogs, it was a “perfect night for a weenie roast,” as someone said.

Also, there were real dogs there, too.

However, I could tell when it was time for me to go. It was when I started making comments about how nice it is to have a warm home to go to. It was also when my fingers were feeling like frozen weenies. Great night, though! I’m thankful for friends I can spend time with who are adventurous, outdoorsy, and dog people.

-Out of the Wilderness

I have a new bike! (sort of)

A few weeks ago I scored a monumental find at an estate sale here in Nashville. I can’t really build up any mystery because I definitely titled this post “I have a new bike” sooooo… guess what I found!!!

A couch.

Kidding. I found a bike. My best guess is it’s from the late 70s. Sears. Free Spirit. Here it is.

It’s in surprisingly good shape and is 90% ready to ride. I took it to a local bike shop where I was given the only unfortunate news so far…. they can’t find a tire or tube that would fit this bicycle. The good news? I only need tubes and tires and the bike is good to go. The gears shift. The brakes work. It’s fantastic. After riding with my friends a few months ago, I’ve had a real itch to get back out on a bike, so I’m pumped for this one.

Patience is a virtue since we’re heading into winter but I think by March and April I’ll have new tires and be rockin’ around my neighborhood like it’s 1975!

-Out of the Wilderness

CDC Recommends Face Mask Masks to Help Slow the Spread of Happiness

Atlanta, GA — The Center for Disease Control conducted a COVID-19 study earlier this month, the results of which have become the foundation of a list of new guidelines published today. One of the recommendations is garnering praise from politicians and government officials who feel as if Americans do not have enough rules to follow as it is. “I’ve been busy shutting things down all over my county from funerals and weddings to Thanksgiving and Christmas parades,” said Mayor of Nashville, John Cooper.

The study showed that many people constantly touch the outside of their mask whether it’s to adjust for comfort or to get a breath of fresh air. “This habit significantly reduces the effectiveness of the mask,” says CDC staff member Mark Teague. “Based on our research, we are advising everyone heading out the door to grab another mask because if wearing one mask saves lives, then wearing two masks will save even more lives.”

According to the official explanation, using a second mask on top of the first mask means the first mask will be touched less often. When asked by reporters about the threat of the second mask being touched regularly and thus still spreading the virus, CDC ended the press conference.

Power-hungry governors and mayors seem to be chomping at the bit to implement this as a mandate in their respective cities and states. Gavin Newsom, Governor of California stated, “I was coming up empty on more ways to deflate the morale of Californians, but I’m thankful that now I’ll have another way to give people something to frown about.”

-OTW News

Exercise goals for 2020, nearing the finish line

One of my goals for this year in regards to exercise is to run 250 miles and walk 250 miles. There are just over 2 months left and I’ll admit there were days I wasn’t sure I could do it. Today I feel good but with a bit of concern because here in Nashville it’s getting cold. Hey, I’m from Florida… if it’s not sunny and 80, I expect snow.

Me with a slight cool breeze:

So when and where I run or walk will definitely be affected by winter approaching. I’ve been in the habit of walking with my 2 dogs each day, about a mile, but I will be totally transparent– only 1 of us likes the cold weather. So me and my spirited beagle overrule the young adventurer in the family.

Here is a screenshot of my progress so far on the 250/250 goal:

You can see that if I just do about a mile and a half each day (combined) I will reach the goal. Awesome! I’ve been using both the Garmin VivoActive HR and the Forerunner 245. They have been great GPS watches for tracking, as well as entertainment– the Forerunner is the “music” version of the watch so having a playlist right on my wrist has been really nice and convenient.

I am determined to reach this goal, but as the temperature falls I will have to adapt… and probably take some walks and runs in the cold.

-Out of the Wilderness