I’ve been to Atlanta, part 3

This post will conclude the Atlanta trip, and basically it’s a post that has information that I forgot to put in the other posts šŸ™‚Ā If you’ve been following along, you already know how great this trip was. There was dancing. There was delicious food. There were meerkats. All of it was awesome.

Sunday morning we went to Louie Giglio’s church and it was such a memorable experience. Sometimes when you go to these big churches you might get lost in the lights and “show” of it all, and to be totally honest, I thought that might happen with us. But I was woefully mistaken. The worship was incredible. To be totally honest again, I thought, “OK, what I get from the sermon won’t… no, CAN’T… outshine the worship.” Then I was wrong again. Louie spoke about the spiral of sin and like one of my pastors here in Nashville says, I thought he must’ve been reading my journal. It was amazingly relevant to my life and something I needed to hear and be challenged by.


Something else I need to mention because I haven’t yet… the games we played! Sequence Niece challenged us to a game of Sequence Garage Sale Mania and once again (because we’ve played this together before), I lost. I was so close to winning but Dancing Niece got the luckiest ‘detour’ card and made it to her home spot before me.


The night we went out for Mexican food included a few games of pool. I’m the worst pool player but it was fun to play with both nieces.



The trip wrapped up with a final dance at the Atlanta Convention Center, the home base of all things dance this weekend. My niece’s team won first place in a few categories for their last performance, and it also got 2nd overall. It was a really well-choreographed dance and I’m so proud of her!

Thanks for following along with my first trip to Atlanta. Hope you enjoyed the read and if you have any Atlanta experiences to share, comment below. Till next time…

-Out of the Wilderness

I’ve never been to Atlanta, part 3

Well, I need to change the name of this post to “I’ve BEEN to Atlanta” because I arrived, the surprise was a big success and Dancing Niece performed 4 routines in one night! It was a busy Friday night and there’s a gigantic “first” for me, and I’ll give you a hint… it’s NOT that I’m in Atlanta for the first time.

After unpacking and settling into our room at the Hyatt Place, Airport Edition, we shuffled off to the convention center where dancers were dancing, judges were judging, and dance moms were hovering. This is definitely not a scene I’m familiar with.

Headlines for tonight are that Dancing Niece did an amazing job with her team, and… OH YEAH I almost forgot to tell you about the other “first.” Have you heard of Beyond Meat? Well, I have but haven’t ever tried this brand until this first night in Atlanta. The hotel had a really good menu (and no restaurant, just prepared right there on the first floor), and a Beyond Meat burger had my name written all over it.

I was shocked how much it tasted like real meat. Crazy! So that was something I’d been wanting to do, but I had no idea it would happen at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

Stay tuned for the next post to find out what we decided to do Saturday. Hint- I wish I had 4 legs for all the walking I did!

-Out of the Wilderness

I’ve never been to Atlanta, part 2

Well, folks… we have some drama! You can catch up on this story by first reading I’ve Never Been to Atlanta, part 1. Can you remember the last time you’ve been to an amusement park? Was it during one of the 12 months of the year? My guess is your answer is “yes”… well, did you know Six Flags Over Georgia isn’t open for part of the year??

I had no idea amusement parks shut down during the year. Crazy stuff. So from the list of ideas, Six Flags has obviously been removed. I do have good news, though! In it’s place I’ve added another idea. Granted, this one isn’t unique to Atlanta but I floated the idea out to my sister and Dancing Niece. Manicures and pedicures! I got some laughter. I’m guessing this fun suggestion might as well remove itself from the list.

I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m excited about the following things:Ā 

1. I’ll be watching my dancing niece and her dance team perform up to 5 times!

2. The surprise for my mom, sister, and Sequence Niece.Ā 

3. On Sunday, we may go to Louie Giglio’s church.

4. My goal is to never say out loud, “the A-T-L,” or “Hot-lanta” for obvious reasons… I’m not cool enough.

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check back each day at 1pmĀ central for the latest posts. Next up, Friday’s events and what we’ve decided about Saturday? Chat with you soon!Ā 

-Out of the Wilderness

I’ve never been to Atlanta, part 1

There’s something you need to know about me, and it’s time to share this information now. You’re old enough to hear it so take a seat somewhere comfortable and let’s chat.

I’ve never been to Atlanta!

I feel judged. You’re reading this and judging me right now, aren’t you? I THOUGHT THIS WAS A SAFE SPACE!! Maybe I deserve judgment because after all, it’s Atlanta. Everyone’s been to Atlanta. Even people from the other side of the world have been to this city, and I’m only a few hours away and have yet to visit.

It’s not that you’re angry, you’re just disappointed in me. I get it. But I do have some good news for you. I think it’s going to help get me out of this dog house I’ve willingly put myself into. I mean, to think about it realistically, I’m the one posting the blog about my own shortcomings. I’ve taken time to think about what I wanted to say, typed it all out, posted it, and shared it with you. So if that’s not the definition of building my own dog house, I don’t know what is. But remember when I said there was good news? There is, so I’ll stop rambling. I hope you’re still sitting down because honey, we’re taking a road trip!

That’s right. One of my nieces from Florida has a special occasion, a dance competition, in the Georgia state capital so because it’s just around the holler from Nashville, I shall meet family there.

I hope you’re proud.

I also hope you’re STILL seated because I need to follow up this grand news with a little predicament we’ve already found ourselves in. Coming up from Florida are my 2 sisters, my mom, Dancing Niece, and Sequence Niece* (sister of Dancing Niece). If you’re good at sorting out predicaments this may be your time to shine! The dance competition is all weekend but Dancing Niece and her dance team only have routines scheduled for Friday and Sunday, leaving Saturday wide open for all the other fun things to happen. But if you’ve ever been on the internet (I bet you have, you rascal), you know how every website has a million suggestions for visitors.

*Sequence Niece is really good at the board game, Sequence… She’s 11 years old and she wins 90% of the time

We’ve managed to widdle ideas down to the Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, Six Flags, the World of Coca-Cola, and LEGOLAND. Either way, I know we’ll have a fun time. It’s just a matter of when, where, what, and why? Well, dang it, that’s basically everything! So we have nothing figured out yet. I need a break. Also, three of the five coming from Florida don’t know I’ll be there (I’m meeting them there from my home base in Nashville), so it’ll be a fun surprise. Keep it a secret, mmk? Thanks for stopping by…

-Out of the Wilderness

A Few Things About Nashvillians

You volunteer to take your friend to the airport because you’re their friend and the gas around there is usually about 10 cents cheaper than anywhere else.

You don’t know if Franklin is a suburb of Nashville, or it’s own city.

While driving through the intersection of Edmonson Pike and NolensvilleĀ Road, you wonder which corner is actually Nipper’s.

You’re afraid to leave your car unprotected while you watch a movie at 100 Oaks Theater.

You’ve used the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville as your personal workout facility.

Listening to 107.5 on your way to work, you smile just a little when you hear “…it’s definitely not a Nashville party” in Miley Cyrus’ song.

You’re tired of Interstate 440 being “closed” on the weekends.

You work in Franklin, live in Hermitage, shop in Green Hills, leave East Nashville before nightfall, and have seen the ferris wheel at Carnival Kia in Antioch.

You think that driving 4 hours to IKEA in Atlanta is worthwhile.

In the Fall of 2009 you wished for snow. In February 2010, you regretted it.

Because of the heavy heavy snow in early 2010, your car is still somewhere on interstate 65, abandoned. With a green sticker on it.

Your snow sled was a piece of cardboard.

You will drive faster through a yellow light if the intersection doesn’t have traffic cameras.

You’ve seen more people turn left from the center lane than you can count.

When people ask you if the Pancake Pantry is good, you admit you’ve never been there.

Isn’t Vanderbilt in Nashville? Then why so many UT fans here? And why is UT the highlighted team on the local sports channel?

You’ve been to The Stadium Inn on the weekend for USWO Wrestling. Yes!

You skip the Tennessee State Fair but go to the Wilson County Fair, because let’s face it, it’s better.

You don’t like hockey, but you have friends that do.

You don’t have a boat, but you have friends that do.

You aren’t from here, and neither are your friends.