To mask or not to mask, that is the question

I’ve gone around in circles about the whole mandatory mask-wearing order lots of us have seen in the past weeks and months. Here in Nashville this week it became required to wear a mask at all times if leaving home. Here it is in writing: (scroll down for the rest of my thoughts)… Phase-2-Opening_Social-Media_06.03_UPDATED-2

So Nashville has gone backwards into Phase 2 because there has been a rise in cases. Here are the stats for the last few weeks in Tennessee. The two images are the number of cases then a screen grab for the number of deaths.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 2.52.07 PMScreen Shot 2020-07-02 at 2.52.33 PM

The first pic shows that there is definitely a rise in cases but the number of deaths has stayed relatively low each day (meaning that an increase in cases does not equal an increase in deaths). In fact, math would show that if the number of cases is rising and the deaths are not, then every day that goes by means the chance of dying from this decreases.

Back to the mandatory order from Nashville metro government… I guess now they’re more focused on reducing the number of cases, although time will tell if that has anything to do with decreasing the number of deaths.

What bothers me is this… 1) I think this crosses the line for what government has the authority to make us do, 2) we are a free country so shouldn’t all citizens have the right and responsibility to choose whether they want to wear a mask or not? 3) these mandatory orders are killing businesses all over the country, especially Nashville which thrives on tourism and locals going out for meals and entertainment 4) dance floors are closed? Are we taking notes from Footloose or something?? 5) I am stubborn and sometimes this stubbornness is a problem for me :/

What’s going on in your city? Are you frustrated, supportive, or indifferent about it all? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for stopping by.

-Out of the Wilderness


In a crowd of hundreds, no one was wearing a mask

I was working in downtown Nashville last night. On a typical Friday night there’s a span of about 5 blocks that would be swarming with people. It’s on Broadway from 1st Ave up to 5th Ave. Now, I know since the coronavirus, downtown has changed quite a bit, even if temporarily. In fact, here’s a video showing how eery it was when no one was around… 

So as I said, I was downtown Friday night. The crowds are back. Not quite as full as it will be, or as it used to be, but still crowded with tourists, locals, people enjoying a pleasant evening with music, food, and shopping. 

The days of zipping around downtown doing UberEats deliveries is a thing of the past. We’re back to struggling to find parking, watching out for scooters, and traffic. 😦 I know it’s good for the city, though, so it’s fine! Except for the scooters. I still can’t believe there haven’t been major accidents with those things. 

The crowds didn’t surprise me. The scooters didn’t surprise me. The smiles and laughter didn’t surp—- wait, smiles??? Yes, smiles! I actually saw people’s faces! I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say that in the span of those 4 or 5 blocks as I was driving up Broadway, I didn’t see even one person wearing a mask (excluding bar staff, and security). Not even one in a crowd that I’d conservatively estimate numbered in the hundreds. 

In fact, as eery as it was to NOT see the crowds a few weeks ago, it actually felt eery to now see crowds but none wearing masks. It was eery, but also kind of awesome. 

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-Out of the Wilderness

8 movies and songs with “mask” in title

With this coronavirus scare taking over the world and sales of face masks increasing, I thought I’d make a list of movies and songs with “mask” in the title, or if they’re about wearing a mask, etc. I’ve also made a list of 10 movies, songs, and books about pandemic viruses, check it out here. Alrighty, here’s my list of movies and songs with “mask” in the title…

The Mask of Zorro – starring Antonio Banderas

The Mask – starring Jim Carrey

“The Masked Singer” – TV show

The Man in the Iron Mask – starring Leonardo DiCaprio

“Ski Mask Way” – 50 Cent

“Behind the Mask” – Michael Jackson

“Drop the Mask” – Diana Ross

Paper Mask – starring Paul McGann

Honorable mentions: “Can’t Feel My Face” – The Weeknd, The Purge movie trilogy, V for Vendetta, “Face to Face” – Daft Punk, Face/Off 

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-Out of the Wilderness