Funny photos from 2021

Here is a small collection of photos I’ve taken this year that might be a little mind-boggling, but hopefully at the very least they’re worth a chuckle. Have a great week! Whatever this person offers, it better be special and I WANT IT. The following two pictures… exactly how does “take this cash that aContinue reading “Funny photos from 2021”

Why some Democrats love masks and hate Trump

I will preface this by saying that I can’t speak for all Democrats, although I think most of them would agree one reason they hate Donald Trump is because he won’t require everyone to wear a mask. But why the outrage? Is there a reason a lot of folks on the left freak out whenContinue reading “Why some Democrats love masks and hate Trump”

Masks for Your Masks to Help Slow the Spread of Happiness

Atlanta, GA — The Center for Disease Control conducted a COVID-19 study earlier this month, the results of which have become the foundation of a list of new guidelines published today. One of the recommendations is garnering praise from politicians and government officials who feel as if Americans do not have enough rules to followContinue reading “Masks for Your Masks to Help Slow the Spread of Happiness”

Convenient design for hanging your mask in the car

Based on a need of my own, I came up with a simple design to store my sunglasses in the car when I wasn’t wearing them and I called it the Shades Hanger. So not only am I the designer, I’m also a client. Then a few days ago it dawned on me, this littleContinue reading “Convenient design for hanging your mask in the car”

To mask or not to mask, that is the question

I’ve gone around in circles about the whole mandatory mask-wearing order lots of us have seen in the past weeks and months. Here in Nashville this week it became required to wear a mask at all times if leaving home. Here it is in writing: (scroll down for the rest of my thoughts)…  So NashvilleContinue reading “To mask or not to mask, that is the question”