Is a President really responsible for COVID deaths in the U.S.?

In the last half of 2020 it was impossible to get through a day without someone blaming President Trump for the deaths caused by COVID-19. Not China’s fault. Not local leaders faults. Not anyone’s fault, except Trump and Trump alone.

My question today is this: Is the President really responsible for COVID deaths in the United State4?

President Biden has been in office for 4 days now and I have yet to come across anything (TV, internet, etc) that blames him for the COVID deaths since noon on January 20th. According to this COVID tracker there have been 12,000+ deaths since Biden took the oath. Is he as responsible for those as Trump was for the deaths in 2020?

A friend of mine on Facebook said this…

One of the most disingenuous parts of this election was the dishonest shameless politicization of COVID. It was so disappointing to watch, I was sure nobody would exploit a pandemic. But I was wrong, so go politics I guess.

…and he’s right (thanks CF, for the comment!). It’s unfortunate the crisis became political and Donald Trump didn’t do much to keep that from happening. I’m not saying he’s to blame for all of it becoming political but there was definitely an opportunity for Americans to unite in a singular cause, and have that cause championed by the President. One thing he cannot be accused of: killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Contrary to what the big media tech companies are/were telling us, we don’t have to blame the President for something of which he’s not guilty. Joe Biden hasn’t killed 12,000 people. Donald Trump didn’t kill 396,000 people. But as biased as the mainstream media was in 2020, they seem to have doubled down in 2021, likening Joe Biden to a deity come to heal and save us. Just check out the montage below and you’ll soon realize how ludicrous things have become.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it fair for Trump to be accused of this during his presidency, but not Biden? Chime in below and let’s chat!

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Why some Democrats love masks and hate Trump

I will preface this by saying that I can’t speak for all Democrats, although I think most of them would agree one reason they hate Donald Trump is because he won’t require everyone to wear a mask. But why the outrage? Is there a reason a lot of folks on the left freak out when Trump (or anyone) appears in public without a mask? I have a theory. Let’s take a look at an example of my theory using “Jeff” as a Democrat.

Jeff wears a mask. Jeff believes firmly that science says masks work in fighting COVID-19. Whether the President mandates it or not, Jeff would wear a mask. That much is clear. But Jeff is livid every day that Trump hasn’t made everyone wear a mask. What upsets people like Jeff is not that Trump isn’t telling THEM to wear a mask (because they already wear the masks), it’s that he isn’t telling EVERYONE ELSE to wear a mask. They want everyone to behave like they do. This is a problem.

You see, this is how immature children behave. When I was a child, if my parents didn’t make my brother do something I thought he should do, I got upset and acted out. It came from a selfish place, as if I knew all the answers, and since I couldn’t make him do whatever it was I wanted, I hoped my parents would.

[on a lighter note, check out a bit of satire here: Biden to Grow Leg Hair Out for “No Shave November”]

Getting back to Democrat Jeff, he would say his enthusiasm for the mask is completely altruistic. He wants good things for everyone; in this case “good things” is the avoidance of sickness and death from the virus. But what if Jeff’s motives are the exact opposite– egoistic? (definition: Being centered in or preoccupied with oneself and the gratification of one’s own desires; self-centered)

Could it be about control? You might think that now I’m going to say Jeff wants all the control. Nope! I mean, it’s kind of like that but really it’s that Jeff (and people like Jeff) want to be controlled. This is the closest thing I’ve seen in my lifetime to someone literally wanting to be enslaved by someone else. After all we’ve seen and been taught about the horrors of slavery, and here we are again with people willingly putting themselves in chains!

Donald Trump (and maybe conservatives, in general?) thinks the American people have the right to decide for themselves whether they want to do this or that. It’s a novel idea called freedom. If non-mask-wearing Mark doesn’t want to wear a mask and this upsets Jeff, then Jeffy boy has to figure out a way to be an adult about it. He can be frustrated, annoyed, and irritated thinking Mark is being selfish and stubborn, and both have the right to feel the way they do. It’s a novel idea called freedom.

It’s a scary proposition, but I believe some mask-loving Democrats want to be enslaved by their leaders. “Tell US to wear masks. Tell THEM to wear masks. Take away our choices. We will do whatever you say.” They want Uncle Sam to be their dad. On the other side is personal freedom. Also remember, while this freedom means some won’t wear a mask, there are plenty that will. Now, I don’t like a smooth-talking politician, not many people do, but I’ll take one of those any day of the week if they’re the type who says, “You have the right to choose how you want to live, how you want to treat others. Yes, you need to live within the law but other than that, go enjoy your freedom!”

Until this particular group of Democrats can force everyone to believe the same things about masks, climate change, sharing wealth (taxes, minimum wage, etc), they’re going to moan, whine, and pout like I did when I was a selfish, immature child. It’s really not a good look and I hope people wake up to this soon before we all wake up and hardly recognize a novel idea called freedom.

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Original mazes (part 3)

This is the final set of mazes I’ll be posting for now, but this one contains my #1 favorite. I’ll let you guess which one it is ūüôā

a very topical design for this one

Christmas in June, if you will

OK I’ll admit, this is my favorite!

a blocky design where you end pretty much where you started

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15 “Stay at Home” Songs, COVID-19 Edition

All over the United States people are being asked to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Folks are working from home, hanging out with family, or just taking stay-cations to slow the spread of the sickness. What’s kind of crazy is how many songs have addressed this idea long before sheltering in place was an order from state and federal officials.¬†Check out the list below and if you have time, listen to these songs and comment below if you have any to add! Thanks for stopping by!

Flo Rida “My House”
Lyrics: Sometimes you gotta stay in

R.E.M. “Stand”¬†
Lyrics: So, stand in the place where you live…

Bruce Springsteen “Dancing in the Dark”¬†
Lyrics: Radio’s on and I’m movin’ ’round my place /¬†I check my look in the mirror /¬†Wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face /¬†Man, I ain’t gettin’ nowhere

MC Hammer “U Can’t Touch This”¬†
Lyrics: Yeah that’s how we’re livin’ and you know u can’t touch this /¬†Look in my eyes man u can’t touch this

Ariana Grande “NASA”
Lyrics: I’d rather be alone tonight /¬†You can say “I love you” through the phone tonight…
…Baby, you know time apart is beneficial /¬†It’s like I’m the universe and you’ll be N-A-S-A /¬†Give you the whole world, I’ma need space /¬†I’ma need space

The BoDeans “Closer to Free”
Lyrics: Everybody one, everybody two, everybody free / Everybody needs to touch, you know, now and then

The Tony Rich Project “Nobody Knows”
Lyrics: But these four walls close in more every day /¬†And I’m dying inside and nobody knows it but me

Semisonic “Closing Time”¬†
Lyrics: Closing time / Time for you to go back to the places you will be from.

Boyz II Men “I’ll Make Love to You”
Lyrics: Girl relax, let’s go slow /¬†I ain’t got nowhere to go

Peggy Lee “Fever”
Lyrics: You give me fever when you kiss me /¬†Fever when you hold me tight /¬†Fever in the mornin’ /¬†Fever all through the night

The Carpenters “Solitaire”
Lyrics: And solitaire’s the only game in town

Madness “Our House”
Lyrics: Our house, it has a crowd /¬†There’s always something happening /¬†And it’s usually quite loud

Robotaki “Together We’re Screwed”
Lyrics: Together we’re screwed, I’m looking at you

David Zowie “House Every Weekend”¬†
Lyrics: But staying in the house every weekend, I just can’t take it /¬†I work hard and if I don’t let myself go /¬†I just might explode

Hamilton cast “It’s Quiet Uptown”
Lyrics: I spend hours in the garden /¬†I walk alone to the store /¬†And it’s quiet uptown

You’ve reached the end of this list! I’ve put together another list of songs that address the issue of so many people losing work because of businesses closing. Here are¬†17 songs about being fired or laid off. Thanks for stopping by…

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