Fun details from “The Man Who Loves You The Most” video by Zac Brown Band

This new Zac Brown Band video opens up with a relevant topic: Lockdowns due to COVID-19, setting up the rest of the video– a daughter watching old video clips of her and her father.

The daughter (as an adult) is played by actress Reilly Baker. The father (of grown daughter) is actor Corey Landis.

Reilly wears a thin necklace with a gold “R” around her neck as she watches the old videos.

She also attends SGU, a university that doesn’t seem to exist. Somewhere in Georgia, though.

The flashbacks featuring father and daughter are played by (unconfirmed so far) Eric Brunt and his daughter Reese Blunt.

The groom showing up later in the video is played by Will Houlihan, a writer/director (/actor?) based in California.

Zac Brown Band is signed on the BMG record label, which was at one point Sony/BMG, so that might be why Sony products can be seen throughout the video.

The video was produced by Black Coffee Productions, a company with a host of music video productions on their resumé. However, if you’re in the southeastern U.S. and need an amazing company to shoot your wedding, look no further than husband and wife duo Jordan and Beatrice of Foraged Films. PS. They use Sony cameras. 🙂

A pet peeve of mine happens at the end of this video. A crucial, CRUCIAL, part of the video is the text conversation between the daughter and her mother… and the conversation is covered by YouTube video recommendations! Come on, man!!! This simple thing almost completely ruins the power of the final shot… where we learn the father has passed away (or has he??), which is why the daughter is watching old VHS tapes.

For what it’s worth, here is the conversation between mother and daughter…

Mom: Hi sweetie, how are you doing?

Daughter: Hey Mom, I’m okay, just really missing dad right now.

Mom: I miss him too. Remember he’s always with you

*and yes, the mom did not end her final text with a . period 🙂

One may assume the father has passed away, but it also could be that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and has been self-isolating for an undisclosed amount of time, therefore he isn’t able to see his daughter or wife.

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