Fun Hummingbird Puzzle Part 2

Today is part two of a really fun puzzle that was created through honestly, I was so pleasantly shocked by the quality of the puzzle. Take a look at the original picture followed by a picture of the completed puzzle. If you go to the Walgreens website, be sure to check for seasonal discountsContinue reading “Fun Hummingbird Puzzle Part 2”

I have never paid for a coronavirus face mask

There is at least one thing I love about living in the United States. The free market and capitalism. The challenge for people and companies to make money means consumers get great products, that keep getting better, and competition, which means low (or at least, competitive) prices. One area that saw a boom in theContinue reading “I have never paid for a coronavirus face mask”

My Top 3 “Best Music in TV Commercials” List

We all have those commercials that just cut us right to the core. Sometimes it’s the product or how it’s presented (thinking about you Sara McLaughlin and those abandoned puppies commercials), but a lot of times it’s the integration of the perfect song into the ad that really hits home. With that in mind, hereContinue reading “My Top 3 “Best Music in TV Commercials” List”