Top 10 Bird Photos

I don’t know if there’s been a more true statement than this meme I came across recently. I must be old then, because when I’m camping or just walking around outside, I am looking up A LOT. I want to see all the birds! Sometimes I’m prepared with my camera strapped around my neck andContinue reading “Top 10 Bird Photos”

Fun Hummingbird Puzzle Part 2

Today is part two of a really fun puzzle that was created through honestly, I was so pleasantly shocked by the quality of the puzzle. Take a look at the original picture followed by a picture of the completed puzzle. If you go to the Walgreens website, be sure to check for seasonal discountsContinue reading “Fun Hummingbird Puzzle Part 2”

Ruby-throated hummingbird – up close and zoomed in

I’ve loved trying to photograph a hummingbird (or two? possibly a male and a female) visiting a feeder the last few weeks. As I waited for it to show up, I discovered a few things: he’s not too worried about people being nearby, shows up about every 10 minutes in the morning and evening, andContinue reading “Ruby-throated hummingbird – up close and zoomed in”

Colorful hummingbird photos, with camera settings to take the pics

“Hello, Hummingbird.” -Cameron Poe, Con Air A beautiful hummingbird has been visiting this feeder ever since my mom got it ready for the spring season. She tends to it often, and the bird is thankful. So is the lizard pictured further in this post! Below, I love the picture that shows the bright colors ofContinue reading “Colorful hummingbird photos, with camera settings to take the pics”