Ruby-throated hummingbird – up close and zoomed in

I’ve loved trying to photograph a hummingbird (or two? possibly a male and a female) visiting a feeder the last few weeks. As I waited for it to show up, I discovered a few things: he’s not too worried about people being nearby, shows up about every 10 minutes in the morning and evening, and either there are more than one or they have the ability to hide their beautiful, colorful neck when they want to. You can see in the pics below where the red color on its neck shows up very vividly, but then just seconds later you can’t see red at all. Males have the ruby-colored neck, females don’t.

For the first time, I also saw what’s pictured below… a hummingbird perched on the feeder, with wings by its side. Pretty cool!

Thanks for buzzing by…

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

Since 2005, I've called Nashville home. I'm the leader of the pack, which includes a 13-year-old beagle and an 11-year-old blue heeler mix. My days include writing, video editing, and other fun activities. Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy it!

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