American Idol – top 10 revealed and I’m rethinking my taste in music

I must not have good taste in music because the America is keeping the contestants I would send home and they’re sending home singers I’d definitely keep *ahem* Ava Maybee. After the recent round of eliminations, the group was reduced from 11 to 9, but the judges decided to keep one of the two axed contestants… Lady K. So we have our top 10!

Here’s how my list looks when I created a list for the top 14.

The judges, who I think must’ve been told long ago to always be nice even when they don’t wanna be, praised a few singers that I didn’t think did well at all. Yes, I’m talking about Huntergirl. She performed Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” and it was pretty bad most of the way through. The last verse and the final few notes were OK, though. Mike Parker was just OK. Emyrson Flora has a really nice voice but I really wish she would’ve picked “True Colors” instead of that awfully boring and uninspiring song from Billie Eilish.

Can you tell I’m still bitter the judges got rid of the pregnant mom? I didn’t even remember her name but she was better than half the singers in the top 10!

I thought Jay, Leah Marlene, and (the eliminated) Tristen knocked it out of the park. My top performer of the day was Leah Marlene.

She’s just quirky enough with a great voice to go far in the competition. But who I like doesn’t seem to be jiving with the rest of America so she’ll probably be eliminated next week!

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