Burger King Needs to Go Back to the Throwbacks – A Commercial Review

These Burger King commercials have got to go! “Beeee Kaaaayyyy have it your way…. YOU RULE!” This is the biggest lie of the year because if I ruled, like they claim, these commercials would be rotting at the bottom of the ocean along with this Sprite commercial! Even if they brought on a chuckle theContinue reading “Burger King Needs to Go Back to the Throwbacks – A Commercial Review”

Funny photos from 2021

Here is a small collection of photos I’ve taken this year that might be a little mind-boggling, but hopefully at the very least they’re worth a chuckle. Have a great week! Whatever this person offers, it better be special and I WANT IT. The following two pictures… exactly how does “take this cash that aContinue reading “Funny photos from 2021”

I’ve done the impossible… and beyond!

I’ve done it! Just last weekend I accomplished the Impossible. Flying with birds? Nope. Walking on water? Not yet. Holding my breath for more than a minute? Uh uh. Wow, now having the Impossible Burger from Burger King sounds so anticlimactic. But folks… the announcement is… drum roll please… I ordered the Impossible Whopper atContinue reading “I’ve done the impossible… and beyond!”