Burger King Needs to Go Back to the Throwbacks – A Commercial Review

These Burger King commercials have got to go! “Beeee Kaaaayyyy have it your way…. YOU RULE!” This is the biggest lie of the year because if I ruled, like they claim, these commercials would be rotting at the bottom of the ocean along with this Sprite commercial! Even if they brought on a chuckle the first 10 times I saw them, the ads have been so overplayed. It’s sickening. But did you know they’re a throwback to commercials from the 1970s? Scroll down for more about that!

Besides the singer’s voice grating on my nerves, the worst part of this whole campaign is that I find myself singing the jingle throughout the day. Their marketing team probably calls that a win, actually. But it just makes me detest the commercials even more! The “whopper whopper whopper” version of the campaign might be the worst of them all, so I’m sorry for including it below.

Go Back to the Throwbacks. If they’re going to revive a jingle from the 70s, at least have good singers, right? Check out these ads from the mid-70s. Notice how much better these women sound. I could watch these over and over, instead of the watered down B-version in 2023.

I’ll also admit that Burger King has one of my favorite commercials featuring a family of burgers. The kid wishing he had never been broiled is a classic line…

I wish the new “throwback” commercials had never been broiled but as the cliché goes, it is what it is. Do you love the new ads, or do you want to toss them out with last week’s leftovers? Chime in below and I’ll see you tomorrow!

-Out of the Wilderness


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