The Sprite Christmas Commercial – Confusing!

It feels a little random for a soda not named Coke to have a Christmas commercial but Sprite (owned by Coca-Cola, so I guess it makes sense?) tries to harmonize its way to the holidays with their latest ad. Take a look…

The biggest fail. I’m not sure where to start with what I don’t like about this commercial. How about from a business angle? The ad has aired multiple times on TV and it took 4 or 5 times for me to figure out who it’s fore. Branding! There’s another ad from Yeti earlier this year that had this same problem. If viewers don’t know what’s being advertised, that’s a fail in the most critical way. The Sprite logo needs to be a lot more prominent in the commercial.

The Fast-Talker. I don’t necessarily blame the actor playing host in this ad. The writing is just too much. I’ve watched the commercial multiple times now and still can’t figure out half the things the host is saying. Even fast rapper Busta Rhymes has lyrics easier to decipher than this commercial!

Confusion. Overall, I’d sum up this commercial with one word… confusing. It’s all over the place. Why is there a trio singing in the first place? Who’s the band? What’s the point of any of this?

It’s as if there’s a talent show going on in the style of Showtime at the Apollo, except none of that is explained. And what does any of that have to do with Sprite? Clearly the more I think about this and try to break it down, the more annoyed I’m getting. In grand fashion, this ad falls to the very bottom of the holiday commercials this season.

Am I missing something with the ad? After watching it, what questions do you have and how do you feel about the commercial?

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-Out of the Wilderness


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24 thoughts on “The Sprite Christmas Commercial – Confusing!

  1. This is just the worst commercial ever, doesn’t make sense, can’t understand what they all are saying, and please quit making it about race….it’s just a bad commercial period.


  2. This commercial is awful! I don’t understand what the MC is saying or what they are advertising. Please take it off the air!


  3. While you were able to figure out what this ad was about after seeing it 4 or 5 times, it took me many, many times because “Sprite” blends in with the background and no one is drinking a Sprite. The commercial leaves me so frustrated and irritated that I had to see if I was the only person who felt this way, and I am not. I do wish the sponsors would take it off the air. The only other ad that I hate is the one for Kleenex that I thankfully have not seen for quite some time because it makes me nauseous.


  4. This Christmas sprite commercial is stupid, they’re not even mentioning spirtethe drink, please take it off it doesn’t make any sense


  5. The commercial is to capture the nuances of a Black family which is not usually the center of Christmas stories. This commercial isn’t going to be completely understood by everyone because these are parts of Black America which not everyone is privy to. If you are close to a Black family or if you are part of a Black family then this commercial is understood, relatable, and/or funny. It’s like the joke that many Caucasian families put raisins in many holiday dishes. It may not ring true for all Caucasian families but everyone has heard the joke because ppl see Caucasian families as mainstream America. If all ppl were equally represented then cultural jokes would be “understood” by everyone. Not all Black ppl say “play cousin” or try to “hype” every single situation but it is a “thing”. Ask an African American friend any further questions, they will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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    1. Lol, what in the hell are you talking about. This is the worst commercial I’ve ever scene… look I’m black and I hate it! and I don’t understand what some of them are saying or talking about. It looks like a six grader put it together. Please take it off, it makes us blacks look bad, or is that the plan


    2. That doesn’t make any sense! I’m black and that commercial has nothing to do with my upbringing or culture. It’s the worst commercial for Sprite ever, and if anything, it makes me want to ignore the drink.

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  6. I agree with all you have said! The commercial makes no sense. Even weirder that Coca-Cola would put that out there. They are better than that…or they used to be anyway.

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  7. This commercial is equally annoying and confusing to my wife and I. It took me really paying attention to it to realize it’s a Coca-Cola commercial for its Sprite product. Someone or some people got too cute trying to create a festive commercial to advertise Sprite. I had to look it up. Apparently, it’s for a new seasonal Sprite product aligned with Christmas-themed “flavors”. Either way, this commercial is terrible.

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