The Uncool Yeti Cooler Commercial, plus Cool Music

For the longest time I was trying to find an ad I had seen on TV so I could write about it. All I had to go on on was “Wear Your Cooler.” While this phrase doesn’t make much sense on its own, I thought at least I’d have enough to find out the product and company. But nope! The only two things I could work with are that tagline and the music from the ad. They used “Rides Through The Morning” by Michael Nau.

I didn’t have enough info to go on so days and weeks passed by and I couldn’t post a blog because I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE PRODUCT BEING SOLD WAS OR WHO WAS SELLING IT! Gosh, sorry to get all all-capsy there. But it was frustrating me so much! But then… a breakthrough! I happened to catch the first 3 seconds of the ad which told me everything I needed to know for the commercial. It’s Yeti advertising a cooler you can strap to yourself like a backpack. Here’s the ad…

Music? Good choice. 

Visuals? Great. 

Effectiveness of commercial? A dud. 

If you have to catch the first few seconds of an ad to know what it’s for, that’s a fail. Yeti totally whiffs for this reason. I’d cut them some slack if they did a few things to highlight brand more, but they don’t. Watch the ad again and tell me if you see any clear logo or branding after the first 3 seconds. If I liked the cooler, I would have very little chance of finding it. How many consumers would spend much time looking for a random cooler they saw on a commercial without knowing the brand? Not many. 

Of course, working in Yeti’s favor is the fact that they don’t really need to advertise at all. Most people are aware they are a big-time name brand and even with high-priced items, people know them and keep buying. It’s kind of like Lamborghinis or Mexican restaurants. You never see commercials for Lambos or Mexican food, but both are doing just fine.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the Yeti commercial. Is it a fail? What could they have done better, or is it fine as is? 

Thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness

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