The Uncool Yeti Cooler Commercial, plus Cool Music

For the longest time I was trying to find an ad I had seen on TV so I could write about it. All I had to go on on was “Wear Your Cooler.” While this phrase doesn’t make much sense on its own, I thought at least I’d have enough to find out the productContinue reading “The Uncool Yeti Cooler Commercial, plus Cool Music”

McLaren and a bug in my Yeti

The other day I was hopping around Nashville doing deliveries for Uber Eats (click here to learn why Uber Eats is better than Postmates) and came across this slow, un-sporty vehicle. OK, OK, I’m being facetious. It’s a beautiful car worth somewhere around the $200,000 mark, give or take 10 years salary. But something elseContinue reading “McLaren and a bug in my Yeti”