The Amazon Yeti Commercial – The Music, the Yeti, and the Non-Binary

Amazon seems to be releasing Christmas holiday ads regularly since Halloween came and went. There’s this one starring Little Red Riding Hood and this one about hoarding stuff. Also be sure to check their newest ad with a snow globe, it might be there best Christmas commercial ever. Click here for that one. But back to this ad… it features a yeti (the snow creature, not the overpriced brand 😁).

*UPDATE: Who’s the woman behind the British accent in these Amazon ads? Click here*

The Music. The quirky song used for this commercial soundtrack is “Okay Okay” by Pino D’Angiò.

Christmas Artwork. In the spirit of Christmas, here is one of my latest photo creations. I’ve smushed together 3 different photos to create a great (if I do say so myself 😏) holiday image perfect for framing. That’s where you come in. You can download this photo or have it printed as framed artwork. Your wish is my command! You can find more of my photography in my SmugMug gallery.

The They’s. It appears as though the new socialite yeti appeals to the LGBTQ+ crowd. As the yeti walks through the onlookers, notice who notices it. First is a gay man who looks like he’d pounce on anything with a hole…

As the yeti strolls on, it catches the attention of a person that undoubtedly identifies as non-binary. Not too long ago, characters like this were just part of SNL sketches.

The Yeti. A yeti is part of folklore, kind of like Bigfoot. The portrayal of a yeti in the Amazon ad reminds me of Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf, mostly because there’s no way a hideous creature would ever be accepted in society. People would be freaking out if a huge, hairy monster showed up to a holiday party or was the star of a high school basketball team, not to mention there MUST be rules about that for school sports. So I send my compliments to the cast and crew on a job well done with the costuming! And as you’ll notice in the comments below, the Yeti is played by actor Trevor Newlin (thanks for commenting Trevor!). You can find more of his impressive work (just look at the costume for The Walking Dead, wow) by linking up with his Instagram @Trevor_Newlin.

How do you feel about the Amazon commercial? Does it entice you to use Amazon for your holiday shopping? Chime in with your thoughts and thanks for dropping in…

-Out of Wilderness

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18 thoughts on “The Amazon Yeti Commercial – The Music, the Yeti, and the Non-Binary

  1. Absolutely ADORED watching it! I watched it over and over, like 5 times!!! SO cool how he walks by and throws a peanut into his two-toothed mouth, all cool after being checked out!! Well done! The singer sounds like the guy who sings the opening song in Sopranos, but he’s not. I wanna see MORE of this confident Yetti! Lol


  2. Probably the stupidest commercial I’ve ever seen, Amazon keeps catering to the 3%. Time to start shopping elsewhere….


    1. Wow Trevor super excited to hear you were the Yeti in the commercial that’s now stuck in my head. I worked for your father for several years and he has always spoken so highly of your acting and the gigs you get… Great to see someone I personally know pursuing and working towards there dreams and goals. I hope to see you on my favorite TV show when I’m older. Never stop reaching!

      Liked by 1 person

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