The Amazon Snow Globe Holiday Ad – The Actors, Music, and More!

Amazon is churning out holiday ads like it’s 1999 so they’re back with another one! This commercial features a song that immediately caught my attention. Take a look at the full-length commercial then scroll down for more info…

The Ads So Far. I’d expect Publix to put out a few ads for Thanksgiving and Christmas but Amazon is coming in fast and furious this holiday season. Not all of them are heartwarming. Well, actually none of them are heartwarming, except for this one we’re discussing today. Here’s a list of Amazon commercials produced this season, so far…

The Amazon Yeti Commercial (maybe this one is heartwarming?)

Amazon Wants Us to Hoard “Stuff”?

Amazon Little Red Riding Hood Commercial

The Actors. Turning in fine performances in this cozy commercial are “Dad” Jared Turner and playing the daughter, Anouk Christiansen. You can find a list of Jared’s work on IMDb and be sure to follow him on Instagram. Anouk’s list of credits can be found on her IMDb page.

The Music. The soundtrack for this ad is a folky/singer-songwritery song called “You Hold Me Up” by The Bones of J.R. Jones. Once (and if!) the song is posted online I’ll include it below. For now, here’s a favorite of mine from this artist, who you can follow on Instagram here or check out all the music on Spotify here.

How do you feel about the holiday commercial? Certainly this is one of Amazon’s best. Thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness


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21 thoughts on “The Amazon Snow Globe Holiday Ad – The Actors, Music, and More!

  1. I feel a complicated story here. Love is love. The photo seems to show her dad on the right and another dad, perhaps, on the left. I have many former students and colleagues who have adopted and it is beautiful. Her longing for the missing figure kindles her attachment to the snow globe which is kept by the photo. The neighbors all help in creating the greenhouse snow globe and it is beautiful. To bring joy to a sad child is everything. As foster, adoptive, or birth parents that is also our joy.


  2. Immediately felt that her mother gave her the snow globe and the attachment to it is because mom is no longer present. The photograph, the empty place at the table, and the young girl’s need to keep it close would attest to that. Regardless, it is a wonderful bringing together of all things good and kind.

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    1. Agree the attachment to globe it’s due to daughter Lossing Mom and it must have been given to her by mom. A parent always looks to bring that much joy to their child on Christmas. Love the commercial.b

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  3. Great blog post, but I have a question! In your post you state that this song was written and performed by The Bones of J.R. Jones, yet on they state, “Capping the advert off is the rousing song ‘You Hold Me Up’ by US indie artist Jonathon Linaberry, who created the original track to show support beyond just conversation to a friend going through tough times. Paired with the visuals, the ad comes together in one delightfully heart-warming package.” I’m not sure which one is correct, but I agree with the sentiment of both articles; this is a beautifully done commercial. Give me this over the greedy, overblown junk that has been passing for advertising for far too long.

    Thank you for your time and your input.

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