The Amazon Little Red Riding Hood Ad – The Actress and More!

Amazon is celebrating their service in holiday style with a subtle Christmas-themed commercial. This one plays on a familiar story, Little Red Riding Hood. Take a look then scroll down for more info…

*UPDATE: Who’s the woman behind the British accent in these Amazon ads? Click here*

Sound. The commercial doesn’t feature a song except the last few seconds when “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” begins to play. With that, it’s confirmed that Amazon is now battling Walmart for who advertises Christmas earliest. In fact, I was in Walmart last week (mid-October) and there was already half an aisle full of Christas decor. Sheesh!

The Actress. Thanks a lot to the comment below from “feylisgmailcom” for tracking down the actress playing the part of Little Red Riding Hood. Her name is Mikayla Roberts. Follow her on Instagram: @kikiikale …photo below is from her Instagram feed.

more of her photos on Instagram

The Wolf. The wolf plays a critical role in this ad but trained wolves can’t be easy to find. Good thing there are professionals out there that do that kind of thing. I went down a little rabbit hole (as a wolf might do?) and found Instinct, a company that focuses on wolves for TV and film. Check out their gallery of wolf snarls and you’ll see that these folks must be good at their job! I don’t know if they were responsible for the wolf in the commercial, but it’s possible.

Other Wildlife. I gravitate towards wildlife in my photography, including some dangerous ones (alligators, bison, and a few others). Below are a few favorites and you can click here to see the entire set of wildlife photos. These are also available for download and purchase. Take a look and I hope you find some you love!

How do you feel about the Amazon commercial? Are they ushering Christmas in too soon? Comment below and thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

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22 thoughts on “The Amazon Little Red Riding Hood Ad – The Actress and More!

  1. This ad seems to suggest that grandma should get her xmas shopping done early before the ‘wolves’ begin hunting season by poaching gift packages off granny’s porch. Then granny and amazon conspire to glitter bomb tf out of porch pirating grinchy gift thieving wolves. once you realize this it becomes obvious the commercial has a hidden meaning.


    1. Alpha-lesbian that is into bi-racial encounters with attractive much younger females who are into a little role play.


    1. Red Riding Hood is fictional. She could be fucking purple for all it matters.

      The actress is absolutely stunning. Is that the point of the commercial? No. But it helps when you see it a dozen times a day.


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