Amazon Holiday Ad Wants You to Hoard “Stuff”?

I came across this Amazon ad recently and I can’t decide if I like it or not. On the one hand, I *love* the 1970s mostly for the clothes, furniture, and cars. This ad clearly pulls from that decade, just check out the sweaters.

But ever since learning that Amazon helps pregnant employees travel to states where abortions are legal, I’ve kind of soured to the idea of ordering from them. On top of that, the ad is attempting to be funny but the only line I halfway chuckled for is “stuff to squeeze between your buns.” I *do* love ketchup, however I don’t know anyone who buys ketchup online! Ok, Whole Foods counts, I guess… but you have to be a Prime Member, not just a casual Amazon shopper.

Back to the ad, the harmonies are fine. The lyrics are clever. I guess I just wanted to laugh more. And, too, it bothers me a little bit that we’re not even through October and Christmas shopping is already being shoved in our face. They (they = corporations, advertisers) won’t ruin Christmas for me but I’m becoming less and less enthused about the greed surrounding the holiday.

I rather anticipate the excitement of lights, family, classic songs, and the most important thing- celebrating “the reason for the season,” Jesus. I’ll go ahead and give this commercial a thumbs down for those reasons and also that I’ve become somewhat of a minimalist. Living in a travel trailer will do that to a person! The last thing I want to do in a small, confined space is gather more stuff. That’s the habit of hoarders, right? I’ve seen a few homes where a hoarder lived and trust me, it ain’t pretty.

My home on wheels

Enjoy the commercial, but I’m going to think twice about where and how often I spend my money. Lately, I’ve enjoyed paying for experiences, not things. Like booking campsites in state parks where I took these pictures.

If you’re just dying to buy something, skip Amazon and head over to my SmugMug art gallery where you can buy framed stuff to keep or give to loved ones. That’s the best use of your money in my unbiased opinion… 😉

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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