Ten songs that should be cancelled immediately

In the spirit of Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” being offered up to the cancel culture (or was it satire?) because the idea of a man making a woman feel like a woman is somehow excluding or hating on the LGBTQ+ community and women in general, I’ve put together aContinue reading “Ten songs that should be cancelled immediately”

Pete Buttigieg Asks Companies To Build First All-Electric Ark

Washington, D.C. — “Rain, rain, go away” is the story around the country this summer. In unprecedented fashion, it’s been a wet few months from California to the Carolinas. “This type of precipitation has the power to change your vacation plans,” says U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. “Roadways will become flooded, damaged, and leftContinue reading “Pete Buttigieg Asks Companies To Build First All-Electric Ark”

Joe Biden falls off a bike and has me asking, “Is this real life?”

While Donald Trump and Joe Biden were competing for our votes in the 2020 election, I wrote quite a bit about the pair. Mostly I wrote about Joe Biden, because I generally and genuinely couldn’t understand 1. why he was running (from his perspective) and 2. why anyone would even entertain the notion of votingContinue reading “Joe Biden falls off a bike and has me asking, “Is this real life?””

Birds Aren’t Real

As much as I love birds, I was shocked and downright disappointed to find out they aren’t real. From the beautiful cardinals, to pelicans, and eagles, they are just intricately designed drones. The government has harnessed the power, versatility, and coverage of birds to spy on people. Take a look at a diagram that showsContinue reading “Birds Aren’t Real”

Ironically, study finds blondes not offended by dumb blonde jokes

U.S. — Many thought in today’s cancel culture society that blonde jokes would be the next to go, but as of the day of this publication, blondes are not yet aware they should be offended. A study conducted by the University of Alabama in March showed that out of the 100 blondes registered to takeContinue reading “Ironically, study finds blondes not offended by dumb blonde jokes”