Apple’s iPhone Hot Dog Pool Swimming Commercial – The Music

I don’t consider myself a diehard Apple fanatic, although I prefer their computers for video and image editing. But I *think* they may have something good going on with this device they call an “iPhone”. Here were are 13 versions later and oodles of commercials boasting about the latest version of the phone. In theContinue reading “Apple’s iPhone Hot Dog Pool Swimming Commercial – The Music”

iPhone falls off the table… the commercial and more!

Apple’s commercials promoting the iPhone 13 aim for the everyday American. What’s usually the biggest worry for any smartphone owner? Dropping their phone and/or cracking the screen. Take a look at their latest ad (titled, “Edge”) addressing this exact concern… Boasting a Ceramic Shield, Apple says this is the toughest phone screen out there. IContinue reading “iPhone falls off the table… the commercial and more!”

iPhone’s Toddler Resistant Commercial – The Music

By now you’ve seen a few of Apple’s iPhone 13 commercials, like this one featuring a kid riding his bicycle all day and recording it. Just like that one, this ad with a toddler running around banging the phone against everything possible (floor, stair railing, kitchen sink, etc) is a lot like what kids doContinue reading “iPhone’s Toddler Resistant Commercial – The Music”

iPhone 13’s bicycle-riding commercial – The Music and More…

Love iPhones or hate them, Apple often has ads that are unique and memorable. Like this well-known snowman ad. Now the iPhone 13 is being advertised with a long-lasting battery being tested by a young man who feels like the right thing to do is record a close up of his face from sunrise toContinue reading “iPhone 13’s bicycle-riding commercial – The Music and More…”

Apple’s Snowman Commercial – The Music and More!

Apple has released an ad this holiday season about the short life of a snowman named Simon. Check out the 2+ minute commercial… The song serving as the soundtrack is “You and I” by Valerie June. It is one of the tracks on her album released this year (2021) called “The Moon and Stars: PrescriptionsContinue reading “Apple’s Snowman Commercial – The Music and More!”