iPhone falls off the table… the commercial and more!

Apple’s commercials promoting the iPhone 13 aim for the everyday American. What’s usually the biggest worry for any smartphone owner? Dropping their phone and/or cracking the screen. Take a look at their latest ad (titled, “Edge”) addressing this exact concern…

Boasting a Ceramic Shield, Apple says this is the toughest phone screen out there. I don’t know if it’s irony or folks getting duped, but the Ceramic Shield is made by Corning… the same company that makes Gorilla Glass. To learn more about Apple’s version of a tough screen, click here for a TechRadar article.

I actually really like the ad because it’s simple and relatable. I’m sure it still took 12 hours to shoot the commercial because, like I was told as a newby in the TV industry (and it wasn’t a compliment), “Everyone’s an artist.” The anxiety I felt from the ad was more than I expected. I think it’s the build-up because we all know what is about to happen as we see the phone inch closer to the edge of the table. It’s like riding up a roller coaster and you’re in the front cart. You see the top of the track and you know what comes next.

Nervous The Big Bang Theory GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

But this anxiety from the ad, while uncomfortable, is exactly what the creators intend the viewer to feel. That’s why they follow it up with, “Relax, it’s an iPhone.” They know the ad caused us to tense up.

Whether you’re an iPhone person or an Android user, what do you think about the commercial? Does the Ceramic Shield tip you towards the idea that dropping a grand for a phone is not a crazy idea? Comment below!

-Out of the Wilderness


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