Big Sky Episode 4 Music

We’re on episode 4 of season and the music was not quite as prominent as previous episodes (episode 1 music, episode 2 music, episode 3 music) but nonetheless, here are the songs from the show! “Coming With the Hellfire” Extreme Music – Dark Country 5 “Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go” Trentemoller Thanks for stopping by…Continue reading “Big Sky Episode 4 Music”

SKYRIZI “Nothing is Everything” is back with a duet!

This has got to be the most infectious jingle on TV in 2021. I first wrote about SKYRIZI’s “Nothing is everything” song when they aired an ad with a country twist. Check it out here. They seem to have unlimited versions of this song because now it’s a duet. Click below to take a look.Continue reading “SKYRIZI “Nothing is Everything” is back with a duet!”

Big Sky Episode 3 Music – Airdate 10/14/2021

If you’re watching Big Sky, you already know they usually have great music as the soundtrack for each episode. Here are the tracks from season 2 episode 3. “Winning” Mpax & Derrick the Director feat. That Chicc “Expectations” Stacey Randol “Dr. Feelgood” Motley Crue Thanks for stopping by! -Out of the Wilderness

Big Sky – The Music From Season 2 Episode 2

Big Sky is back with another entertaining including a great soundtrack for the second installment of drama in season 2. Not quite as many songs as episode 1 (click here for that playlist), but nonetheless, I think the win goes to Jenny Hoyt, who’s wardrobe was another nod to legendary music. She wore a shirtContinue reading “Big Sky – The Music From Season 2 Episode 2”

Indeed “Write Your Story” Commercial – The Music

Indeed is promoting their brand with a new ad on TV and streaming and, of course, it includes a soundtrack you might be curious about. Here’s the ad… This short 15-second ad features a song called “My Time Is Now” by Le Bon. The full track, should you choose to listen, is below. Note thatContinue reading “Indeed “Write Your Story” Commercial – The Music”