I love writing. Lately it’s been about commercials.

When I decided in December 2019 that I was going to write every day for a year, I didn’t really have a theme in mind. I just knew it was a goal I couldn’t dismiss. Up to that point, I’d had this blog for about 9 years. I’d also written for television, and written twoContinue reading “I love writing. Lately it’s been about commercials.”

The famous voices behind TV commercials – part 2

This is the second post I’ve written about famous people lending their voice in various TV commercials (click here for the original post), and this one has some big name celebrities! Take a look, and comment below for any others not listed… Alicia Keys – Allstate Jason Bateman – Hyundai Matthew McConaughey – Lincoln TheseContinue reading “The famous voices behind TV commercials – part 2”

Allstate’s “Crab” Commercial – Location, Music, the Dog, and More!

Allstate has quite a few memorable ads lately. I have written about a few of them, one catching on because of the beautiful island featured in the ad titled “Island,” which you can read about here. Or another about a controversial hood ornament, more on that here. Now, though, Allstate shows a woman driving intoContinue reading “Allstate’s “Crab” Commercial – Location, Music, the Dog, and More!”

Allstate’s new ad “Duet”… the car, the music, the hood ornament!

This ad, titled “Duet,” features the music of the Pet Shop Boys performing “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” while a guy drives his car down an undisclosed road in an undisclosed state. Even the license plate doesn’t give away any location info. “The Beautiful State” and the plate number 2SBI653 are both used asContinue reading “Allstate’s new ad “Duet”… the car, the music, the hood ornament!”

The tea kettle in Allstate’s “Islands” TV commercial

There are some really amazing vintage tea kettles out there and now, after researching for the one in this ad, I want one. Do I drink tea? Sometimes. Must I have one of these kettles? DEFINITELY. More on that later, but back to the point of this post… the awesome tea kettle in Allstate’s commercial:Continue reading “The tea kettle in Allstate’s “Islands” TV commercial”