Follow Up: My Dogs Don’t Smoke

Following up on the news that my dogs aren’t actually addicted to nicotine, just food my neighbor’s been feeding them, I knew a conversation needed to happen. The how and when were still unknown, as were the words I would use to start the showdown. Something like “hey…” or “so anyway…” or “this might soundContinue reading “Follow Up: My Dogs Don’t Smoke”

I Was 4 Years Old Again

When you have those rare moments that shut you up, what do you think about? When you’re not close to death, but your life flashes before your eyes, what do you do next? Are the experiences you least expect the ones you remember the most? I wasn’t expecting to get all nostalgic and deep tonight,Continue reading “I Was 4 Years Old Again”

Pet Peeves 2

A few more of my current pet peeves. 8. Olive Garden commercials. 9. Songs about songs (exceptions: Listen to the Music/Doobie Brothers, Party in the USA/Miley Cyrus). In the example below, Kid Rock is basically telling us not to listen to his song, but listen to “Sweet Home Alabama” or other rock and roll music. 10.Continue reading “Pet Peeves 2”