Cars that look like stars

I saw an El Camino recently and for a split second thought it was Kid Rock. Then I had a revelation… there are quite a few celebrities that look like cars. Adam Levine / Corvette Hunter Hayes / Toyota Rav4   Lil Wayne / this car Paris Hilton / Mazda RX-7 Vince Vaughn / VolkswagenContinue reading “Cars that look like stars”

Kid Rock’s new video, and other puppets in country music

Kid Rock’s new video for “Tennessee Mountain Top” features a raccoon named Jackson. This is one of the better country music videos I’ve seen that feature puppets. Take a look: But Kid Rock is not the first to join up with puppets. Take a look at the following collaborations with puppets and/or music videos thatContinue reading “Kid Rock’s new video, and other puppets in country music”

Pictures of Shania Twain Fall at the 2011 CMT Music Awards

Check out Carrie Underwood performing “How Great Thou Art” as compared to Elvis performing the same song. 9:30 it’s over, I’m gonna eat dessert now! Thanks for reading Jeff, Esther, Tracey and Dave. My true friends. 9:29 Kid Rock says he loves being a part of country music. Tosses back to Jason Aldean who playsContinue reading “Pictures of Shania Twain Fall at the 2011 CMT Music Awards”

Pet Peeves 2

A few more of my current pet peeves. 8. Olive Garden commercials. 9. Songs about songs (exceptions: Listen to the Music/Doobie Brothers, Party in the USA/Miley Cyrus). In the example below, Kid Rock is basically telling us not to listen to his song, but listen to “Sweet Home Alabama” or other rock and roll music. 10.Continue reading “Pet Peeves 2”