Chipotle Commercial featuring Coldplay song “Fix You”

If you’ve seen this ad already, you know Chipotle is behind the commercial this fall/winter that will tug your heartstrings. Take a look at the ad which is over 2 minutes long… The song is performed by Kacey Musgraves. You can see a behind the scenes video below. This song was originally released by Coldplay.Continue reading “Chipotle Commercial featuring Coldplay song “Fix You””

My 5 Favorite ACM Performances 2021

Country music seems to be getting back to it’s roots (after bro-country crashed the party in the mid-2010s and disappointed a lot of fans). Just looking at a sample of the performances last night in the 5 examples below, let’s be hopeful the days of hearing snap track pop country are soon to be over!Continue reading “My 5 Favorite ACM Performances 2021”

CMA Awards: Bro-country vs. Bra-country

I can’t say whether the tides are changing in country music but if you use the recent CMA Awards as any sort of example of what country music is like today, you may notice who wasn’t there. Remember back in the early to mid-2010s when “bro-country” became a thing? Artists like Florida Georgia Line, JasonContinue reading “CMA Awards: Bro-country vs. Bra-country”

Little Big Town sings the National Anthem

I wasn’t able to catch the college playoff championship on TV, so I listened to some of it on the radio. I happened to catch the national anthem performed by Little Big Town and wow, did they sound good. If you missed it, here it is: Since my days of working at CMT, I’ve beenContinue reading “Little Big Town sings the National Anthem”

When you think to yourself, Crap I should’ve written that song!

Had another one of those moments yesterday when I heard Little Big Town’s new song “Girl Crush.” The verses are vivid and yet seem so easy that anyone could’ve written it. I guess that’s what professionals in any industry do. When they’re good, they make it look easy. But gosh darn it, I should’ve writtenContinue reading “When you think to yourself, Crap I should’ve written that song!”