The Lexus Wizard of Oz Commercial – The Music, the Bikes, and More!

There’s a colorful new commercial from Lexus advertising the RX. It’s a nod and a remix of the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. Take a look then scroll down for more info! The Location. Known as the “Crookedest Street in the World,” part of this commercial is filmed on Lombard Street in SanContinue reading “The Lexus Wizard of Oz Commercial – The Music, the Bikes, and More!”

Subaru Shelter Dog Commercial – The Dogs, the Music, and More!

Subaru’s established themselves as the #1 dog-loving car company. I’ve written about them before with their “Underdog” commercial and now they’re back with a special needs shelter dog ad. It’s ok to have happy tears with this one. Are there any animals as amazing as dogs? I mean, gosh, this commercial shows great examples ofContinue reading “Subaru Shelter Dog Commercial – The Dogs, the Music, and More!”

Publix Everybody Eats Commercial – The Music and More

Hello there! I’m guessing you found my site because you saw a commercial and became curious about it. I’ve got good news: Check my TV Commercials page for a rundown on some very popular ads along with some that are just plain adorable, and others that are, how shall I say this… not good! OneContinue reading “Publix Everybody Eats Commercial – The Music and More”

IKEA’s Playful New Commercial – The Music

IKEA has a few commercials that are bending the senses, including this one with the buff bears. The latest is one called “Let Play Unwind Your Mind.” It’s a creative take on letting work take a backseat to quality time with family and friends. The Music. The song in the ad is “Shook” by RajaContinue reading “IKEA’s Playful New Commercial – The Music”

Airbnb Space Invading Commercial – The Music

Airbnb’s campaign using guest photos takes on a song from Rocky Horror Picture Show back in 1975. Before we get to that, here’s the ad… The song is “Time Warp” by Nell Campbell,¬†Richard O’Brien,¬†and Patricia Quinn. Here’s the full track for your listening pleasure. …and here’s the clip from the movie using this song.