Publix Fill Your Cup Commercial – It’s a Vibe

The first time I saw this commercial was during an episode of American Idol, which I was watching with one of my nieces. My top 5 Idol updates and reactions here We were behind so, like everyone else, we were skipping ahead during the commercial breaks. But wait, what’s this? It’s an ad that IContinue reading “Publix Fill Your Cup Commercial – It’s a Vibe”

Publix Thanksgiving Ad with Original Music “I Remember This”

Publix recently came out with a great ad featuring families spending time together and now they’re back with a heartwarming holiday ad, this time for Thanksgiving 2020 2021. They call it, “This Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate every table.” Take a look… A little research revealed that it was filmed in the Atlanta area, using a fewContinue reading “Publix Thanksgiving Ad with Original Music “I Remember This””

Publix ad featuring Ro Malone “Home” is simply adorable!

Adorable. Cute. Warm. Charming. Memorable. These are all words to describe Publix’s new minute-long ad featuring clips of families in all types of situations spending time together. The commercial is backed by the song “Home” by Ro Malone. Take a look:  There aren’t many commercials spanning a full minute but when one comes along, it’sContinue reading “Publix ad featuring Ro Malone “Home” is simply adorable!”