Publix Everybody Eats Commercial – The Music and More

Hello there! I’m guessing you found my site because you saw a commercial and became curious about it. I’ve got good news: Check my TV Commercials page for a rundown on some very popular ads along with some that are just plain adorable, and others that are, how shall I say this… not good! One company that has never been on the naughty list is Publix. They’re constantly putting out feel-good commercials. Their latest is called “A Life of Flavor.” Check it out.

The Music. Playing along with the fun visuals is a song called “Everybody Eats When They Come To My House” by Cab Calloway. Can you guess in which decade it was recorded?

Cab Calloway recorded this song over almost 75 years ago, in 1948. My how things have changed but someone over at Publix is on top of things; finding this song that goes along perfectly with the commercial. From first dates to first tastes, the minute-long commercial includes many homemade dishes and a woman trying oysters nervously.

Publix often has commercials that appeal to the emotional side (like the one that tops my all-time favorite commercials list). This glance into different meal experiences is more on the fun side but I think we can all still relate, especially around the holidays when family and friends gather around the dinner table.

Do you think Publix has knocked it out of the park again? How do you feel about the music selection for the commercial? Chime in below and thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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46 thoughts on “Publix Everybody Eats Commercial – The Music and More

  1. Publix does it again… Created the perfect song for the perfect visuals. My favorite is the guy cooking for his date.


  2. I love this commercial! Grew up listening to big bands, so it reminds me of my parents. It’s happy and upbeat and makes me want to sing along. Great job have the best commercials!!!


  3. Love this commercial! And Publix. They have THE BEST commercials! Recipes please! Especially for what looks like that BBQ chicken.


    1. This song is the cats meow baybe😂Seriously, I run to the TV when I hear this commercial come on ,to sing it and dance! And the commercial story line is great too! Great job Publix Advertising Crew!


    1. The best so accommodating for publix and every time I go to Publix I want to sing this song Punic is the number 1 store in Florida


  4. This is one of the worst ads I have ever seen. It’s irritating and horrible-makes me want to never go to Publix again!


    1. What is the chicken recipe? Publix says it’s Jerk Chicken but I followed their recipe and it’s not that!!


  5. The actress in the orange colored shirt, cooking something with jalapeños, I would love to know who she is. She looks JUST like me. Even sounds like me too. Definitely doppelgängers!


  6. Absolutely love this commercial.
    Coming from a big band family, it caught my eye immediately. Publix hit it out of the park with this one, and hope they continue more upbeat commercials.


  7. I have always looked forward to the Publix commercials, but this one caught my eye. Why is there no person of color actively enjoying the moment or participating in the joy. I see them in the background or the side of the head shot. Who reviews the final cut before the public sees it on television?


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