Top 4 all-time favorite TV commercials

I was scrolling through my YouTube favorites the other day and came across a few commercials that I hadn’t seen in so long. Then I felt inspired to make a list of my top 3 favorite commercials. But I couldn’t narrow it down so here is the list of my favorite 4 commercials of all-time.

1. I remember seeing this Publix ad over a decade ago, and the twist at the end still gets me. Be ready to wipe away happy tears with this one, y’all! The writing is quite clever, too. “Who’s this for?” “Mommmm!” Welp, yep, it IS for mom. He doesn’t want to write the mystery name on the cake, then leaves the cake in the car with his mama. It’s just awesome.

2. This one might always be in my top 3. Sure it’s for cologne but what the guy says has stuck with me for years. I think there is so much freedom in shedding people’s expectations of how to live your life. So when he says his dramatic line, I just love it.

3. Tracy Morgan is hilarious in this one. He plays a seemingly unathletic video gamer who confronts Big Ben Wallace in a stairwell. His facial expressions and his brute confidence skyrocket this ad to one of my all-time favorites. Even after watching it many times, I still catch things I didn’t notice before. “Haha, dog, huh?”

4. Honestly, it was hard to pick a fourth because there are so many that could be in the top 4. But I’m going with GEICO’s horror ad. I’ve written about it before here, but take a look at how they cleverly include well-known horror movie cliche’s in this insurance ad. It’s really funny!

What are some of your favorite ads? Chime in below!

-Out of the Wilderness

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