Publix Gives Back Commercial – The Meals, the Music, and More!

Grocery store chain Publix has recently been airing a commercial celebrating togetherness, a warm look into families just like our own. Here it is… The Meaning. The ad is a ‘thank you’ for helping Publix donate meals to those in need. I wasn’t sure exactly what they meant so I did a little digging. InContinue reading “Publix Gives Back Commercial – The Meals, the Music, and More!”

Apple’s Snowman Commercial – The Music and More!

Apple has released an ad this holiday season about the short life of a snowman named Simon. Check out the 2+ minute commercial… The song serving as the soundtrack is “You and I” by Valerie June. It is one of the tracks on her album released this year (2021) called “The Moon and Stars: PrescriptionsContinue reading “Apple’s Snowman Commercial – The Music and More!”

TUI’s new adventurous TV ad – The Music and More!

UK travel group TUI has a new ad on the telly called “Live Happy.” You can guess what that means coming from a travel agency– amazing destinations with people you love. It’s all here in the new 90-second ad… Strictly from a production standpoint, this is a great ad. I love the quick edits, theContinue reading “TUI’s new adventurous TV ad – The Music and More!”

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 …are you a believer in the folding phones?

I’m dipping my toes in the water of a new phone because mine is starting to be on the fritz. I have the LG Stylus and just the other day I checked Verizon’s website to see what the new phones are like nowadays.  There are a handful (Samsung, Motorola) that are flip phones, but withContinue reading “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 …are you a believer in the folding phones?”

Top 4 all-time favorite TV commercials

I was scrolling through my YouTube favorites the other day and came across a few commercials that I hadn’t seen in so long. Then I felt inspired to make a list of my top 3 favorite commercials. But I couldn’t narrow it down so here is the list of my favorite 4 commercials of all-time.Continue reading “Top 4 all-time favorite TV commercials”