Recovery Unplugged commercial, the music and more!

While I was watching Hell’s Kitchen on the FOX app recently, an ad came on that immediately caught my attention. This is the first time I’ve heard of this organization, but it was the song that drew me in. Here is a behind the scenes of the ad and music. The Organization. Recovery Unplugged isContinue reading “Recovery Unplugged commercial, the music and more!”

More about IKEA’s “Our Little World” TV commercial

IKEA’s new commercial advertising a duvet (Smasporre renewable cotton, $19.99) features a lullaby-type song called “Book of Dreams” by Daniel Tashian. Here is the full track… The minute-long ad was created by Rethink, Canada. It was directed by directed Canadian director, Mark Zibert. More details are in this article from IBBonline. Also from IBBonline, “TheContinue reading “More about IKEA’s “Our Little World” TV commercial”

Fumbled iPhone ad’s music, location, and more!

This iPhone ad caught my attention within a few seconds of hearing the song. Check it out… The song is called “The Conference” by a guy named Nitin Sawhney. The full track is below. Nitin is a composer, producer, and musician. Click here for more bio details. All of Apple’s commercials are produced by TBWA\MediaContinue reading “Fumbled iPhone ad’s music, location, and more!”

Allstate’s new ad “Duet”… the car, the music, the hood ornament!

This ad, titled “Duet,” features the music of the Pet Shop Boys performing “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” while a guy drives his car down an undisclosed road in an undisclosed state. Even the license plate doesn’t give away any location info. “The Beautiful State” and the plate number 2SBI653 are both used asContinue reading “Allstate’s new ad “Duet”… the car, the music, the hood ornament!”

Toyota’s Holiday Ad Featuring Military Man Returning Home – The Music, Actors, and More!

I know you’re probably all here to find out what song is in the ad and I don’t blame you one bit. It’s a cozy song, and you might not believe in a current ad they’d use a song that’s 10 years old, but that’s exactly what happened in Toyota’s “Mailbox” commercial. Take a look:Continue reading “Toyota’s Holiday Ad Featuring Military Man Returning Home – The Music, Actors, and More!”