Toyota’s Holiday Ad Featuring Military Man Returning Home – The Music, Actors, and More!

I know you’re probably all here to find out what song is in the ad and I don’t blame you one bit. It’s a cozy song, and you might not believe in a current ad they’d use a song that’s 10 years old, but that’s exactly what happened in Toyota’s “Mailbox” commercial. Take a look:

The song is called “Come Home” by Amatorski from their EP Same Stars We Shared. They’re a Belgian band with a couple of albums and TV/Film soundtrack credits to brag about. Check out their website here.

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Back to the Toyota ad… there’s lots of glitter. Like, LOTS of glitter. The little girl, who’s adorable by the way, is making cards for an unknown recipient but with every letter she sends there is nothing received in return. Blasted Post Office!! The letters probably won’t turn up for years.

OK, I spoke too soon. Please forgive me, Post Office. The little girl’s letters actually DID make it to their destination (which we learn is her dad, who is deployed). All her glittery masterpieces are hanging ornament-style on a tree by the mailbox and then her dad emerges from a snowy hideout. It’s a Christmas miracle.

The daughter is played by actress Amari McCoy. The dad is played by Percy Daggs, III, who you might definitely recognize from the Veronica Mars series. The ad was created by media agency Saatchi & Saatchi, who also created this ad for the Toyota Venza.

Toyota shows off two of their vehicles in this ad. The mom and daughter are in a 2021 Highlander Hybrid (MSRP $50,004). Dad appears with a 2021 Tacoma (MSRP $41,810) behind him.

Shell out $91,814 and stock up on glitter and you can make your own Toyota ad this holiday season. But it won’t be as heartwarming or charming as this one. Great job to everyone involved!

Here’s the full song used in this Toyota ad.

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Allstate Island Commercial: The Islands, the Truck, the Tea Kettle, and the Hound!

**Note: if you’re looking for more info about the teapot in this ad, click here**

If you’ve seen the Allstate commercial with a guy driving around a small island and then wanted to book a trip there, this post is going to help you out! First of all, though, I’m glad you found my site. I do research on TV ads, but I also write about music, dating, and my dogs! (click those links to go there)

OK, back to the ad… I’m not the only one to write about this commercial and I didn’t discover the islands on my own. Check here for my source on which island, or islands, this ad was filmed. A trip to this little group of islands will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $5,000 USD with travel and hotel on mainland Norway. A 5-night stay at one of the hotels on the small island, the Ona Havstuer, will cost you around 11,000 NOK (Norwegian Krone), which converts to roughly $1,250 (approx. $250/ night). Getting back to the Allstate ad… here is more info:

Ad Title: “Island”

Islands: Ona and Husoy, both in Norway

Aerial still image taken from Allstate Ad
image from Google maps, where you can see the same lighthouse from the commercial

Vehicle: mid 1990s Land Rover Defender

Dog: Basset Hound (update: she is a Basset Artesian Normand named Eli, check more in the comments below)

Basset on the window sill

The awesome tea kettle: check here for more about the tea kettle

Song and Band: “Morning Song” Babe Rainbow

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What’s that song in the Dell computer commercial?

I was watching the Bachelorette weightlifting (like real men do) and a commercial came on advertising a Dell laptop computer. Take a look at the ad here.

The product is the Dell XPS 13 shown in up-close detail with the soundtrack provided by a band called Danger Twins. The song is called “Thing of Beauty.” Here is the full track:

The song was released in 2019 on their “Say Ooh” EP, also debuting in 2019. The band also has a song used for a Nintendo Switch ad:

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The song in Apple’s ad for iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini

Apple has been promoting their new phones, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini and has a new TV ad out featuring both. Take a look below…

(also check out the new Apple ad for their HomePod Mini featuring music from…)

The song is called “Hello Hello Hello” (Polo & Pan Remix) by Remi Wolf. Listen to full track here:

If you ever needed more choices for an iPhone to buy, well then you should be happy about these new devices.

Remi Wolf can be found on social media by clicking these links for Instagram and Twitter. She resides in California and if you want more fun info about her, check out 10 Things you need to know about LA’s Remi Wolf.

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Toyota Venza ad featuring “Love Lost” and a cute terrier dog

If you’ve been watching TV lately, you might have seen this new ad from Toyota.

The ad is titled “Lifesaver” and portrays the Toyota Venza as a lifesaver when it comes to doing the things you need to do, like tracking down a lost dog. I, for one, can confirm that some dogs DO run away when it thunders! One of mine will even dig under my backyard fence to try escaping the loud booms.

For more about Toyota’s hybrid SUV, this article is short, sweet, and insightful. As for the ad itself, the song used is called “Love Lost” by The Temper Trap. The full length music video is at the bottom of this post. The band formed in 2005 and released this song in early 2010. The song was also part of the soundtrack for the movie No Strings Attached. That’s the one with Ashton Kutcher, NOT Justin Timberlake. I always get those movies confused (Justin’s movie is Friends with Benefits).

The commercial was created by Saatchi & Saatchi, a London-based ad agency.

The star of the 30-second spot is a dog which looks to be some sort of terrier, one of the top breeds in London (where the ad agency is based). Perhaps a cross-breed of a border terrier and a bull terrier? Just a guess.

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