Publix Gives Back Commercial – The Meals, the Music, and More!

Grocery store chain Publix has recently been airing a commercial celebrating togetherness, a warm look into families just like our own. Here it is…

The Meaning. The ad is a ‘thank you’ for helping Publix donate meals to those in need. I wasn’t sure exactly what they meant so I did a little digging.

In the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (early 2020), Publix began buying crops that would’ve gone to waste and connected the food to Feeding America. It was a way to help people needing food as well as helping the farmers who grew the crops. This article explains it well.

Another article (here) talks more about Publix’s ongoing effort to end hunger in America.

So when you see the ad, this is what they’re referring to. It’s about helping the community, many of the stores affecting families and people in need right there in the same zip code, not just on a national level.

The Music. My best guess is the song playing in the background of this commercial was made exclusively for Publix. They’ve done this before, check out this commercial with a song specifically composed for their ad campaign. I will update this as new info is uncovered.

The Colors. Publix and the creators of this ad do a great job of blending all kinds of colors whether it’s the delicious meals on display, or the diverse families gathering around their respective tables. It just goes to show that, just like the ad says, sometimes people give help and sometimes people need help. There isn’t anything in the ad that shows who’s giving or receiving help, they’re all just gathered together enjoying time with people they love.

Another great ad from Publix. Did you like it? What would you have done different, if anything?

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-Out of the Wilderness


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2 thoughts on “Publix Gives Back Commercial – The Meals, the Music, and More!

  1. I want to know what the pasta dish is in the Publix commercial everybody eats. I like this commercial and I’m curious about the dish the guy made for the girl on the dats at his house. Looked interesting…anyone know?


  2. On the commercial feeding America the young red headed girl changes her clothes and her hairstyle. They show it going back and forth. I think you made a mistake with this one


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