Publix Thanksgiving Ad with Original Music “I Remember This”

Publix recently came out with a great ad featuring families spending time together and now they’re back with a heartwarming holiday ad, this time for Thanksgiving 2020. They call it, “This Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate every table.” Take a look…

A little research revealed that it was filmed in the Atlanta area, using a few different locations as the backdrop for families and friends gathering at the dinner table, break room, food line, or campsite. The ad was created by 22Squared with offices in Atlanta, GA (and Tampa, FL). It runs for 60 seconds and is backed by a song written specifically for this commercial. The song is called “I Remember This,” an original track by singer/songwriter Ari Hest and Duotone Audio Group.

Lyrics to the song in the ad are a great sentiment for Thanksgiving in a crazy year like 2020.

“I remember this. How could I forget? And after all this time, all we’ve been through, we’d come back to this. It feels like new. Feels like new. Feels like new.”

What do you think of the ad? Does it match up with the quality commercials Publix is known for? Also while you’re here, take a quick moment to vote for me and my Dad in a photo contest Sony is conducting. They asked for a re-creation pose so I submitted one of us when I was a child, and one a lot more recently. By voting you are entered for a chance to win a pair of Sony wireless noise-cancelling headphones, model #WH-1000XM4 (valued around $350). Check out the side by side photos below and vote here! Thanks in advance, and thanks for stopping by my little blog!

-Out of the Wilderness

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