The New Publix Back-to-School Commercial in English and Spanish

Publix is known for having great commercials. In fact, one my all-time favorites is a Publix holiday ad from 2005… do you remember this Valentine’s Day tear-jerker? Well, Publix is back now with a timely “back to school” commercial and it’s as sweet as you’d expect. Check it out then scroll down for more info…

Is the fridge gonna close itself!? Spoken like a true adult. But the daughter has the last laugh when she repeats the line as her dad holds a prepackaged meal he retrieved from the refrigerator. Touché, young one.

Alternate version. Publix used an X before it was cool! But the Latinx community can enjoy the back-to-school ad in Spanish, too. A few differences… the English version includes the sassy “fridge” comment, but the Spanish version below doesn’t. In fact, you’ll only see one of the two actors speaking in this version. The daughter has a conversation at lunch, which is in English.

A couple of other differences… when Dad is at the bedroom door, he says, “Baila conmigo.” This translates to “Dance with me.” In the English version, he says, “Remember this?” Both sticky notes from Dad say that he’s proud of her. Her sticky note says, in English, “Proud of you, too,” but in Spanish her note translates to, “and I of you.”

But wait, there’s more. Backtracking to the beginning of both ads, the English version starts off with “First day!” spoken by an excited dad. The Spanish ad, Dad says the daughter’s name. Looking back over it, the Spanish version actually says nothing about it being the first day of school, unless it’s inferred by how she’s preparing a lunch and sitting in the cafeteria in front of a poster that says, “Welcome students.”

What do you think about the ads? Has Publix maintained their reputation of having fantastically heartwarming commercials? Comment below!

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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20 thoughts on “The New Publix Back-to-School Commercial in English and Spanish

  1. Why can’t we just see the commercial and forget all the other stuff Not irreverent to the sweet father and daughter it made my day to see it.


  2. Do not like this commercial. I don’t understand who it is supposed to relate to. I really don’t care for people brushing their teeth in my face. You can do better. Love all your other commercials.


  3. Do not like this commercial. I don’t understand who it is supposed to relate to. I really don’t care for people brushing their teeth in my face. You can do better. Love all your other commercials.


  4. Great job by all in this commercial! Loved the father & daughter actors. Memorable & invokes a heartwarming response. Well done by all!


    1. Are you serious? Why does that even matter? If someone can relate to it, great! If not, great! Who cares??? Buy your d**n Publix chicken Tender Sub and KEEP IT MOVING.


    1. Where is the mother and what nationality is she? What in flying – you know what – kind of question is that???
      Did you NOT get the GIST of the commercial??? He’s a SINGLE FATHER!!! Maybe widowed. Maybe divorced. Who knows?!!!
      But she bought him, I’m gonna guess with her ALLOWANCE (do you even know the meaning of that word?!!!) a Publix Prepared Refrigerated MEAL KIT, being proud of him and the great single father/parent he’s been for her!!!
      My God, now I see why Florida went for Trump in 2020. We’re a state filled with indolents! Let’s hope we CHANGE COURSE this fall!


    1. Thanks for the praise of single parents. That is the ideal for liberal companies. God forbid that you would promote and support tradition heterosexual couples. You should have had the dad shopping at Publix on the way home from the abortion clinic.


  5. Back to School is a 180 degree turn around for Publix. I think they will alienate more long term customers than attract new ones.


    1. So says the immigrant of Italians who came to this country in the 1920’s, labeled as “WOPs”, “Daygos” and “Guinies.” They were cheap labor for a country booming! They couldn’t speak English, came over with tons of kids, nothing in their pockets and were taking jobs away from actual Americans. Sounds familiar as what I’m sure your rhetoric is about the current state of affairs? I’m an AMERICAN Italian too but, by God, I will NOT assimilate into the White Supremacy Culture that you have given into, forgetting EVERYTHING about your part and the poverty YOU CAME FROM.


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