Acura Precision Electric Vehicle – The Commercial Music, Hulk Hogan, and More!

This is the first electric vehicle commercial I’ve seen from Acura, although *technically* they don’t have an EV yet. Looking at the fine print of this commercial shows that the car shown is just a concept, kind of like the Chevy EV commercials where all but one are not even available yet! Here’s the ad, then scroll down for more info…

The Music. Backing this electric car commercial is the electric guitar from legend Jimi Hendrix. The song is called “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”. Here’s the full track…

Hulkamania. I had already stopped watching WWF/WWE wrestling when Hulk Hogan reemerged as Hollywood Hogan (circa 1997), but evidently it was a big deal for the wrestling organization to get the licensing rights to the Jimi Hendrix song and use it as the theme music for Hogan. Here’s one of his entrances, and I gotta be honest… it makes me love Hulk Hogan all over again. “That’s right, brother!”

In this video, it’s confirmed that the song rights were purchased for $100,000 for worldwide use for a year. Probably one of the best decisions made by the WWE organization in regards to what it meant for fans and fan loyalty.

Back to the Acura commercial, do you think the song will do for Acura what it did for WWE and Hollywood Hogan? I doubt that’s even possible, but kudos to Acura for picking an iconic song from an iconic entertainer. Now, if they can just get those vehicles made in real life! 😉

See y’all tomorrow!

-Out of the Wilderness


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