Acura Precision Electric Vehicle – The Commercial Music, Hulk Hogan, and More!

This is the first electric vehicle commercial I’ve seen from Acura, although *technically* they don’t have an EV yet. Looking at the fine print of this commercial shows that the car shown is just a concept, kind of like the Chevy EV commercials where all but one are not even available yet! Here’s the ad,Continue reading “Acura Precision Electric Vehicle – The Commercial Music, Hulk Hogan, and More!”

The royals and the religious

Every time they’re in the news, I wonder why I need to care about the goings-on of the royal family? Recently, there was an Oprah interview of Harry and Meghan, former royalty, with a slew of “bombshell” revelations about the entire family, etc. I’ll even go back to the royal wedding (check out my 2018Continue reading “The royals and the religious”

Mustache Friday

Tom Selleck.   Hulk Hogan.   White Goodman.   Ben Wilder. What do these four men have in common? A fairly common case of Awesomeupper Lipness. For seven days I wore a mustache with as much commitment as I could muster. Consider it an experiment in social acceptance. Here are a few reactions I got from people: Nice ‘stache. Are you trying toContinue reading “Mustache Friday”