Another royal baby, and I’m still wondering why we should care?

The royals had another baby. Meghan Markle and hubby Harry welcomed a baby girl and while any new life is awesome, I’m STILL wondering why these folks are in the news… in the U.S.! I mean, does July 4th mean anything anymore? For all my life the royal family has made news here in theContinue reading “Another royal baby, and I’m still wondering why we should care?”

The royals and the religious

Every time they’re in the news, I wonder why I need to care about the goings-on of the royal family? Recently, there was an Oprah interview of Harry and Meghan, former royalty, with a slew of “bombshell” revelations about the entire family, etc. I’ll even go back to the royal wedding (check out my 2018Continue reading “The royals and the religious”