The royals and the religious

Every time they’re in the news, I wonder why I need to care about the goings-on of the royal family? Recently, there was an Oprah interview of Harry and Meghan, former royalty, with a slew of “bombshell” revelations about the entire family, etc. I’ll even go back to the royal wedding (check out my 2018 post about the wedding craze) as highlighted below and ask again… who cares?

There was a frenzy here in the U.S., people buzzing with excitement in anticipation for the wedding, and happiness that it would be televised globally. Then the newlyweds parted ways from the royal family but so much for fading out of the spotlight because everything they do is in the news. I guess if I lived in Britain it would be relevant to my life… but I don’t. This is ‘Merica!

This sentiment of mine was also awakened again last week as news of the pope going to Iraq made headlines. I’m like….

I honestly couldn’t care less about where the pope goes, what he does, what he says about anything going on in the world, much less American society. Why is there an obsession with his whereabouts and opinions on stuff? I get that he is the leader of the Catholic faith and all, but does that warrant national, or even international, coverage on the evening news?

From what I can decipher, and I’m not meaning to sound sexist, but it seems that most of the folks who care about the royal drama are women. When the wedding was big news, I don’t think I read a post or tweet from any man that was eagerly awaiting the ceremony. Maybe there is something related to growing up wishing/pretending to be a princess that connects the royal family with women across the country. Maybe that’s why boys who wished/pretended to be a professional wrestler loved Hulk Hogan, Iron Sheik, and more recently Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Thanks for going along with me down a random trail of thoughts today. What’s your take on the Harry and Meghan drama? How about the celebrity status of the pope? Chime in below or else I’ll administer on you Iron Sheik’s signature move, the camel clutch!

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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